Monday, May 26, 2008


Have you been following this? The Texas District Attorney had pulled out all the stops to convict Border Patrol agents, Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean last year.

While on patrol along the US border, they startled and tried to stop a well known drug smuggler in his attempt to sneak into the country illegally in a van full of pot.

While brandishing what looked like a gun, the officers shot in the smugglers direction and while thinking they missed, they lost him in pursuit southward.

With an aggressive pro-amnesty DA Johnny Sutton, appointed by the president, negotiations between US and Mexico authorities brought the suspect back to US soil, with immunity, to testify that he had been shot in the butt.

Knowing that Aldrete-Davila, the smuggler, had been caught smuggling heroin two additional times during border crossings during the trial, the DA chose to keep the judge and jury unaware of this fact as he pressed on.

Well new efforts are underway to free the patrol guards. They have been jailed all this time, with evidence of physical abuse and family based threats as well as loss of income and self esteem. Petitions have been circulated and members of congress have asked the president to grant a pardon, but no success.

Attorneys for Ramos are arguing for his immediate release on bond because they say the remainder of his prison term is likely to be overturned by an appeals court anyway. Compean’s attorneys may mount a similar appeal.

Meanwhile, U.S. Attorney Johnny Sutton, who prosecuted Ramos and Compean, is facing ethics charges. The charges compare him to Mike Nifong, the discredited prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse rape case.
Considering the circumstances, I would ask that he be disbarred from law practice in Texas.

The two officers, Mexican-American US natives, were just doing their job. This particular case takes the whole xenophobe issue out of what is obviously a criminal act against federal laws. Illegal entry and drug smuggling.

If President Bush would simply pardon these unjustly imprisoned former Border Patrol Agents, we could all rest much easier knowing that in the United States, a foreign drug smuggler's word does not prevail over the word of federal agents in the line of duty.


Anonymous said...


I see you've been watching Lou Dobbs again.

Anonymous said...

The open borders lobby 'La Raza" and numerous others are doing everything they can to halt the southern border fence.

What can we do up here in NY State to expedite the process?
Why would the DA go after these two patrol agents with such determination? It cant be just a Bush Appointee thing.