Monday, May 05, 2008


The Big Belly solar powered trash compactor can reduce trash collection trips up to 66% because trash is compacted down to 1/8th of its original size. In addition because more trash can fit into the compactor if installed less trash could be seen on the streets because overflowing trash cans would no longer exist.

However, hopes to purchase the Big Belly Trash Compactor this year may be crushed. During the discussion period at the Caucus last night, our comptroller, John Tuey, requested another $8 thousand from contingency for union related issues relating to safety training. This is why we have a contingency fund.

However, with the perpetual drain on residual monies and the question swirling around the Midtown Park funding, the non-essential purchase of a $5 thousand dollar trash compactor has seemed less a priority.

Big Belly holds 3 times as much paper trash as regular trash can. We could use that in Gallo Park, where its slated to operate. Our staff invests 2 to 3 hours on Saturday and Sunday mornings, leaving the whole afternoon and evening at the mercy of overflowing trash cans. However, there are employees at the Dock HQ located right at the waters edge in Gallo Park.

Robert Senor made the correct point that our dock staff could take up the trash detail for the summer of 2008 and we could look to next year for the Big Belly purchase. Mind you, I joked that the task may not be within their job description, but most people know that I’m getting tired of the “not my job” attitude that has swept our generation.

The Clerks office and Recreation Dept will just have to work together for the summer of 08 to handle the trash can issue in Gallo Park.
Now if only we could get park visitors to use any trash cans. Nothing like picking up after our cherished tourists on a Sunday afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Betweeen the litterbugs, late night drinkers and the kids fishing by the docks, you would think the park crew or the dockmaster would be compelled to help the litter situation.

And "not my job?" That point of view permiates the last three generations, not just todays youth. You wont see any change there mike.

Editors note said...

Big Belly rolled back to Laws & Rules. A majority voted to send it back.

Anonymous said...

Is there any way it could be just left there at Laws and rules, thus reducing Political polutants by 66%? Thanks...smitty