Thursday, May 15, 2008


US Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, has penned a new & revised version of the G.I. Bill.

With strong bi-partisan support, this upgrade should be an easy win. But we are talking about Washington DC.
Webb, a Vietnam Veteran, is the only sitting Senator with a son serving in Iraq, so he follows the welfare of our troops in a much more personal way than most.

What Webb doesn’t understand is why this generation of veterans, who are struggling with higher education tuitions is not on the national radar screen. You would think the two Democratic primary candidates would take up the issue, but even with the slumping economy and two occupations abroad, you hear nothing.

The Servicemen's Readjustment Act of 1944, aka GI Bill, provided for college or vocational education for returning World War II veterans as well as one year of unemployment compensation. Granted, the cost of a semester in college in ‘44 is quite different than today, but so is the demand for skilled graduates in today’s workforce. The GI Bill also provided low interest loans for returning veterans to buy homes and start businesses, try that with a national bank today.

Almost all US Senators and House Reps have signed on and is being sent to the President. Guess who has trouble with this proposal?

John McCain. No stranger to the veterans struggles in our tough economy, but he claims it would be too expensive to administer at this time. Stay tuned… McCain will have a change of heart and get on board. Someone will remind him that investing in our returning servicemen & women is one factor in getting our country’s economy and pride back on track.


Anonymous said...

Mike- Outside of Webb, many of our national leaders not conerned with veteran's past or present. I am currently working with Congressman Hinchey and Senator Bill Larkin attempting to obtain Purple Heart medals for the former POW's who spent 3 1/2 years in Japanese Prison Camps ( Both Presidents Reagan in 83 and Clinton in 96 fine tuned the legislation with the medals)- actually slave labor camps run by many of thsoe same companies that are now taking many dollars out of the US economy. Sadly, the current DOD as well as the VA are not performing up to par and as a result, are doing what is best for our veterans. I realize that I have gotten off the primary subject matter, but feel that it is important to go forward and make your blog readers aware of what is happening.

Anonymous said...

Im impressed with Jim Webb. He has the background you look for in a leadership roll.

If I were looking for a first termer for president, it would be Webb, not Obama.