Monday, May 12, 2008


New York’s senior Senator, Charles Schumer, will be making a big announcement that could help the economy in Ulster County. He is happy to say that the MTA has committed $2.7 million needed for a crucial study to create a one-seat ride from Stewart International Airport to New York City.

It is assumed that the slow moving government process of allocating funds for such a study would be a waste of everyone’s time, so the MTA pumping the remaining $2.7 million needed to jump-start this thing, avoids much delay and continued political rancor over additional federal appropriations.

The extension of Metro-North Railroad’s west coast line from Salisbury Mills, to the airport itself would create a direct link south to New York City through New Jersey.

Anyone who has followed my previous posts will notice I like trains and subways. The Metro and Amtrak on the east side of the river have had been tremendous boost on the economic and residential growth in Dutchess and Columbia Counties. Sure, we’ve got the thruway, but rates and gas prices have had a financial squeeze on all commuters from the Catskills region.

I applaud Senator Schumer on this quest to stimulate the upper Hudson region and adding Stewart Airport to a larger travel network for the metropolitan area.

I would suggest to Chuck, please consider a continuation of the rail service to Exit 19. Every dollar invested in mass transit, returns ten-fold. A direct rail link to NYC would greatly impact our residential property values while decreasing the travel expense and carbon footprint of Ulster County residents who work in the city.

More on CSX rail upgrades throughout the state coming soon!

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