Thursday, June 05, 2008


URGENT: The Ulster Regional Gang Enforcement Narcotics Team had another great sweep in the City of Kingston! Mind you, these were only street dealers, but the delivery boys will take notice and have to find fresh faces to distribute their goods.

The Daily Freeman notes that this round-up resulted from seven months of investigating leads and following the trouble traffic. These youngsters are actually in “gangs”…can you imagine? Ranging from 17 to 28 years old, you know who dropped the ball.

Your son steps out at 11pm to meet his friends and you’re too busy to know what they’re up to? Junior doesn’t have a job, but just flashed his new watch and grill. (bling teeth).
There’s something wrong with this picture. Who are their parents, why is dad missing? Why aren’t they in bed?

With generations living in stressed neighborhoods and families never building a work ethic, why would you expect better? Why? Because we have a social system that is supposed to catch those who fall between the cracks before it comes to this.
More than we would like, fall through those cracks and we see our kids working the streets, selling drugs, guns or themselves.

In the paper, Tim Matthews was quoted “We continue to go after these dealers because that is where a lot of violence and robberies stem from." For us tax payers, we feel better when the quality-of-life issues are attended to. But these would be the 11th and 12th grade students who show signs of needing help during the day, yet go out to rough-it-up after dark.

Did you ever think it might be time to put the absent parents in the cell with the kids?


Lei said...

Isn't it peculiar. Five years ago, when I told my alderman about the 10 and 12 year olds out in the street vandalizing my cars and breaking my windows, he told me there was nothing wrong with kides being out on the steet without adult supervison for 14 and 15 hours a day. In fact, he said he used to play ball in the street, too. He told me, "The kids are going to be all right." So far, URGENT hasn't busted any of those kids--after three teen pregnancies , several school suspensions, and finding video of their kids posted on the internet, the parents finally stepped up to the plate...and I got a lowered assessment because of all the damage done to my house. I forget that Alderman's name, who said he grew up playing in the street....but its good to know that Alderman Mike realizes kids need supervision, a work ethic, and constructive activities. Welcome aboard Mike--now can you get our kids a mini park so they have someplace to play ball that is safe for them and for their neighbors?

MADSEN said...

First: Thank you Lei for signing your comment, it's refreshing.

Second: Lei, the kids in the neighborhood used to focus their attention on you and your property becuase of your reaction to them. Many of their parents didnt want them to stray far from home, so they were within eye shot of their front porch. And when approaching authorities and neighbors, you have a method thats abrasive and confrontational. It doesnt induce a favorable outcome.

We have worked together to remedy these neighborhood issues in the past, and will again, but the next wave of "little ones" will be at our doorsteps not long from now and we will have the chance for a better first encounter.

Thanks for the opportunity.

Anonymous said...


Well said! Perhaps the parents should be held accountable for the actions of their minor children.

The school district must also step up and acknowledge the problems that exist instead of telling security staff what they may or may not report!

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike-
Sounds like Mr. Fred- great monicker- Both you and 9:27 are right on target- If parents are held responsible for minor children drinking at home, then why not be responsible for their children's drug activities.
I also agree that the school administration has to step up to the plate. After school activities were a major reason, that my generation was not out on the streets creating havoc except on Halloween.

With the gas, energy and unemployment crisis reaching catastrophic proportions, it is time to consider some type of consumer fraud programs to make certain that the citizens of our city are not being gouged out of their hard earned cash.
take care,
Shelly z

Anonymous said...

Good post Mike...

I don't agree with it 100% - I think the issues are deeper, more complex and more difficult to tackle...

But it is a good post just the same...

A FEW of my views, in brief, on this...

Awareness is key.

Prevention is the optimal choice.

Thereputic intervention (by qualified professionals) is often better than punative intervention...

Punishment - when necessary - should have an educational / thereputic component - geared to protect society AND to prevent further acts of harm.


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