Monday, June 30, 2008


This beautiful piece of uptown real estate can be yours for just…

Check out the finished product of the Arold Paving Company. A fine accomplishment where a crumbling “disaster in waiting” parking garage once stood.

I admit, I had my concerns about the experience of several of the companies that bid on the demolition, but let the pictures show, the end product looks good.

You will notice the numbered spaces. Those are numbered for a reason. The city will not handle the collection of funds the way they had in the past. This time it will be automated.

A parking Kiosk will be installed where individuals can manage their own private transaction for their designated space. No city hall visits and no space confusion.

Unlike the parking meters, parking lots have a funneled point of exit. Like train and bus terminals as well as the UC Office Building, people culminate at a focus point where an easy financial exchange is handled privately. Although not scheduled until next year, the meters have the capacity to handle “smart card” transactions. This soon-to-be Kiosk will be card ready on day one.

Now where are those stairs?


Anonymous said...

Are you telling me there wont be employees sitting in a booth somewhere? Collecting change and a paycheck?
That means no benefits, structural insurance, bathroom maintainence and less crime.
Did we get a city executive all of a sudden?

Anonymous said...

Comment 10:50, I dont think its fair to paint this administration with a need to fill unnecessary positions. Unless the revenue of a new spot offsets the paycheck, it isnt happening.
One thing Sottile hasnt done, is create new un-needed reasons to increase taxes.
The budgets have been rough enough.

Anonymous said...

Where will they build the luxury condos I was planning on moving into?

I think this lot is temporary. I mean, look at it carefuly. There isn't a level spot on the whole lot. Not a lot of time was spent on the foundation.

I don't like the kiosk idea. I think a small open structure would be a better solution. ;)

Anonymous said...

Is it true that the Sottile's architect and committee allowed the contractor to down-scope the project and the demolition was not not done to the bid specs?

Boy if the low bidder decides to sue - the City taxpayers will have to pay up - especially after defaming their credentials in the press.

Anonymous said...

I also had my doubts but the end product isn't bad,it's fresh and clean.The sad part is the views we can all enjoy may soon be gone if the site is developed.I think the city should do another survey to get peoples input now that we can see the actual footprint.The views just maybe the big attraction to get uptown revived and give it a new identity.

Anonymous said...

Nice views as long as you look up at the mountains - don't look down at the scurvy Plaza litter owned by Sottile's pal who is the secret developer of the Walgreen's site on Broadway which if owned by an outsider would have been sited like the Kings Inn.

Mike Madsen said...

I have to say, the Plaza has shaped up a bit lately. They also got some striping done for traffic flow, and the incomming health gym should bring in a different clientele.
One thing I also noticed, the Catskill Mt RR has also spruced up their tracks along Schwenk Drive.

Picking on the Mayors pals is "fun and all" but I would stick to the issue of the Parking Lot, theres enough DRAMA there to work with.

Anonymous said...

Good point Mike,the plaza is starting to look better.Without the garage towering over uptown it seems to be bright and airy up there.I can picture sitting up there watching watching the train bring in tourists by having a small depot somewhere by the plaza.

Mike Madsen said...

That location is one of the select choices for the future transportation hub.

Whether Kevin Cahill and his transport grant will help here, I dont know. Those meetings continue, but CMRR is working hard to fix the old bridges west of Kingston to get their trains down here. They could trek in as far as Cornell Street.