Thursday, June 19, 2008


After hearing an interview of John Perkins (pictured right) on NPR last year, I went out and bought his book CONFESSIONS OF AN ECONOMIC HITMAN and did I get a wake-up call !

For years now, Perkins, Lindsey Williams, Scott Ritter and a host of others have spoken out about the hidden and not so favorable actions of our government and the third world countries that suffer as a result.

I had the opportunity to guest on a friend's local access show after reading Perkin's book. I ended up railing against the World Bank and the IMF for an hour with no warning to the host.

So when another friend sent me yet another link to a YouTube video on the energy crisis, by Lindsey Williams (pictured right) I had to pass them on through a blog posting.

Take your time, they are time consuming and unless you are making a killing in Exxon/Mobil stocks, you will be upset. Like the American consumer from California to New York, we mill around with our own small purpose, work, raise our kids, safe up for retirement.

These plans are threatened and here are a few links to explain why.

The Energy Non-Crisis 3 ten minute clips

Go out and buy these books! They should be in paperback by now.

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