Friday, June 13, 2008


I am shocked and saddened at the loss of Tim Russert.

58 is much too young to leave us.

Russert was the "standard" for all aspiring journalists. It will be days, weeks, perhaps years before we realize just how much Russert influenced television news.
There were many journalists before him, who captured the attention of the viewing audience, but this was his time.
Sundays were reserved for Meet The Press, and then you were allowed to carry on your day.

I only walked past him in NYC once a while ago, so I dont have a personal story to tell, but the news has affected everyone in the world of Politics, and thus, I expect to hear all my political friends express their shock as well.

58 is too young.


Anonymous said...


Although we dont know what lead up to his heart attack, we must all consider getting checked out more than most of us do.

From your heart to your colon, see a doctor often.

Anonymous said...

Chatting amongst friends, I get the sense, fewer people would be this upset had Dick Cheney died of a Heart attack.
Not that I'm advocating giving him one.

Anonymous said...

Mike....thank you for posting such a beautiful tribute to Tim Russert. He was the top standard for political journalism......asked the tough questions, but never made it personal. How I wish the politically "elite" in our town would take a page from his ethical standard. God bless the Russert family.