Sunday, June 01, 2008


Well, today is the big day down in New Paltz.

The Hudson Valley Gay Pride Celebration sponsored by the LGBTQ Center on Wall St in Kingston has their annual Pride Festival on the first Sunday of June every year.

Its a fun filled event that starts with a noon rally, parade down main street and a day long festival at Hasbrouck Park.

I took a turn on the Center's Board of Directors during it's formation years. Alot has been acomplished and I am proud of the work they have done and are prepared to do as the center programs develope. But today is about the smiles and community unity within Hudson Valley.

People mix it up at these events. You'll see us political figures marching before GLAAD. The Gay Youth for School Equality followed by Out Officers Union. You see our parents and our kids, the teachers and students, old and young, those who have seen and affected the the equality struggles of the past, and those who havent a clue because of our success.

The Festival will have live bands, comedians, a few speaches and of course a few drag queens mixed in for spice. But the big event? The AfterParty at JOE's.

JOE's is the grandaddy of the bar scene in New Paltz from way back. Through it's many forms, It has always survived. Every year we test it's dance floor for the AfterParty. And what a crowd.

This is the best part. I will once again DJ this monster event from 8 - 11 for the main floor.

Come on out to the party and feel the chest pounding base as you and your friends dance the Sunday night away at the year's most all-family friendly celebration.

Pictures to follow in a few days.

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Anonymous said...

Perfect day for a parade.
Great people great issues
Plenty of local support.

i enjoyed the whole day long event and suggest everyone else do the same next year. Thanks again for all you do.