Wednesday, June 18, 2008


The three business districts in the City of Kingston got together in one setting this Wednesday evening. Well, substantial membership of each district.
The location was the newly renovated Kirkland Hotel on Clinton Avenue.

Reason? As a favor to our newly appointed Alderman Thomas Hoffay, New York City’s Commissioner of Small Business Services, Robert Walsh offered extensive dialog on the ripe opportunity for small business growth in the three districts.

Rob Walsh is the former Executive Director of the 14th St. / Union Sqare LDC and Business Improvement District. He was recruited by the Bloomberg Administration to take over SBS, where he has become a nationally recognized authority on building successful coalitions for the small business community.

With the three business associations struggling to make sense of the economic downturn while their members are trying to break even, the time to merge forces has never been more clear.

Walsh, with his history in the Ed Koch Administration, development history in Charlotte NC, and the renaissance at Union Square, laid out a possible relationship for the successful management of the small business neighborhoods and the level of investment that has to be made to achieve the goals.

I recognized the points he made, having studied the city and it’s neighborhoods for most of one day, and knew he was a quick learner. Tom gave him a crash course on the issues from block to block.

Tom, you did a good job. Now if we can only harness the enthusiasm we saw in your buddy Walsh as we rethink our city’s comprehensive planning project!

Walsh made mention that he would be looking for work after Bloomberg’s term in NYC is over. I bet Mike will bring him and the rest of his team to Albany when he becomes Governor.


Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike,

If Bloomberg runs for Governor as
a Republican or a NE will you support him or would you support the Democrat in the race?

Mike Madsen said...

As a member of the Democratic County Committee, I cannot actively endorse or promote opposition to the Democratic Nominee. To do so, would be hypocritical since I railed against that last year during the DA race.
I would simply sit on my hands and offer no opinion on the race, and vote how I want in November.
Anything more would be grounds for removal from the committee, which shouldhave been enacted last summer for a select group of Conservative candidate supporters within the committee.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike- Sorry to have missed this great event. The ciy needs more of same. I was helping our local economy celebrating our 47th Anniversary at one of the new local successful restaurants. I would again recommend that the city join with the Small Business Development Center and SCORE to continue this diaglogue of success. Congrats to Tom Hoffay- an alderman who recognizes the problems of the small businessman. I would hope that someone had the intelligence to tape this event so that Public Access could play it back. I would reiterate and strongly recommend that the city consider one of my earlier proposals to establish a Small Business Advisory Council. This program was well thought of by many of our successful business but never placed into the program.
It is not one that costs any additional funding beyond having a place to meet. It worked well in the Town of Brookhaven and to the best of my knowledge is still in opeation after 25 + years.
Shelly Z