Saturday, June 07, 2008


The peace in one midtown neighborhood was disturbed this Saturday night by the thunderous howl of Fire Truck sirens. Sometime around dusk, the Kingston Fire Dept got the call for 155 St James Street. The arrival once again was around 4 minutes. Amazing.

The property owned by Greg Soltanoff was occupied by Patricia McNabb who was not home at the time. I have no word on her two cats, but no-one was hurt by the blaze.

However, everything in the second floor apartment was lost. No clue at this time regarding the cause of the fire, but the charming two-family seemed well kept.

The tenent will be staying with family, but there will be a need to start over since nothing was spared the destructive flames.

This would be the time that a caring community like Kingston will step up and offer minimal necessities as Patricia tries to assess the economic and fiscal hurtles ahead.
Greg (pictured right with Cpt Dave) will endure, since insurance usually covers the damage.
Many thanks to the FireFighters who tackle these dangerous situations without hesitation.


Anonymous said...

Our fire department is really great. No doubt about it. I've had to call them several times, and within minutes, they arrived.

Thanks all.

Anonymous said...

Were you riding on the truck tonight? So now youre a firetruck chaser.
Thanks for the scoop.

Anonymous said...

Any one of us can have an accident wher we have a fire in our home. I have always felt a bit safer knowing the firestations were staffed 24/7.
Thank you Kingston Firefighters for all you do.

Asalie said...

Great work.