Saturday, June 14, 2008


On a stormy Saturday evening in Kingston, the first annual NAACP meeting was a success. Rev Freeman and Rev Childs Sr. presented a quality forum for a fair attended but much needed meeting at Point Of Praise church on Hurley Avenue.

The crowd of about 30 attendees included Mike Hein, Chief Keller and Carroll St Rose.

Speakers from the NYS Dept of Justice and the HV Regional Director of NY Chapters stressed the imperative need for education, parenting and system modification geared toward structured free time for today’s youth and family unity as means to diminish the disparity in Black and Hispanic incarcerations.

The recidivistic nature of the culture of crime lends itself to a downward spiral in neighborhoods both economically and quality of life.

In this region, the issue of jobs plays a big roll in the rate of crime. Youth who experience employment and worthy roll models tend to stay out of the court system. Our local and state job situation isn’t helping.

The food at tonight’s gathering was donated by Adam’s Fairacre Farms in Ulster, NY.
I was impressed. Thank you Adam’s!

With the membership well over 100, the first annual dinner will be marked as a great beginning for a needed community advocacy source. I only wish more of my elected comrades took these events more seriously.


Anonymous said...

Adam's in Ulster is well known for donating delicious food to worthy causes.
They also happen to be one of the better food and garden suppliers in the area.
I am even more proud to shop there knowing they help the community at so many levels.

Anonymous said...

I am suprised at the attendance. Only 30 or so showed up? This is a small city with big problems, not unlike any other cities in the country. But with recent occurances of racial and sexist assaults in the high school and within the city crews, you'd think there would be a more significant turnout.