Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Off and running! The two major political parties have finalized their selection for the local races and the contest looks like a stormer.

Familiar names abound, the Democrats have the numbers and national momentum but there is plenty of cash on hand for the Republican team.

Michael Hein will make the best first County Executive office holder, and with intimate knowledge of the workings of UC Government, make the most ethical, financial and progressive managerial choice for November.

Elliott Auerbach is to be our first Comptroller; tapped by the convention attendees to represent the Democratic ideals and strengths against a well financed machine. As Ellenville’s Manager, Elliott has got the drive and the fortitude to tackle this monster of an accounting giant.

Auerbach beat out our Kingston Legislator and County Chair Dave Donaldson for the nomination at the convention with a 12 to 10 ratio in weighted votes. With the Hillside Manor’s main chambers filled with about 300 participants, the voting took a while and the excitement mounted, but only one can be the victor.

Unlike the Presidential race, which seems like forever, I’m not expecting a primary for this position between Dave and Elliott and I strongly advise against it. I certainly have no desire to spend the summer working on that when the big issues that plague our County and State need focused attention.

Our new form of governing here in Ulster County is going to shake things up a bit. There is little need to reinvent the wheel because we have other counties to study, but old habits die hard. Even with the new leadership of the Democratic majority, It has been difficult to steer the county back to economic solvency because we spent our first few years cleaning up 28 years of shady deals and voodoo budget contracts.

You can taste the desire for change on the national level. This is going to be a very Democratic year. The advances we’ve made locally will be built upon like a firm foundation and the team Hein/Auerbach will have a lasting positive affect on the mechanics of these two new positions.

Make it work.


Anonymous said...

Your picture may be out of focus, but the ticket is a winner.
Zimet really stepped up with her unity speach and I sleep better knowing there are no primaries in Ulster County.

Anonymous said...

The more I learn about the opposition, the more Im ready to help the Hein/Auerbach campaign.

Allan Wikman said...

As went that marvelous ditty from Broadway's "Pal Joey," here in this "den of iniquity" I dare attempt to suggest that you not RE-think, but just THINK that: irrespective of politics, deep down in their pocketbooks Ulster voters want a county EXECUTIVE...not another county POLITICIAN beholden and obedient to his party boss, et al, what GOT him there.

And, what's with the anonymity, fellas? Come on out and play!

Allan Wikman
i ndependent candidate for UlsterUSA County Executive
Dare you ask for my 19-point platform? It's gonna get me fifty four + (54 +) percent of the vote...yeah, even in a three-way race.Check the Vegas sports book. I'm taking bets!