Monday, June 23, 2008


Tonight I attended the monthly meeting of the Hudson Valley Humanists.
We met at the Esopus Library. The Lower chamber serves perfectly for a range of different interest groups and we are thankful toward the library for the space.

With about 15 members present, arriving from as far as Saugerties and New Paltz, we focused on the topic of PROSPERITY and the humanistic perspective on its definition.

Funny, when you collect all the interpretations as a train of thought, you see the resemblance of classic philosophers like Homer and Kant as well as modern writers like Hitchens, Dawkins and Kurtz. (pictured left)

Everything is subjective, and depending on your awareness of the world around you, Prosperity is many things. Food, shelter, clothing and safety are binary needs, and for some, describe prosperity.

Others have an insatiable materialistic drive that cannot be extinguished, allowing no satisfaction and sense of prosperity.

Religious and non-religious agree that the One, the Family and the Community are better served when a village works for the betterment of the community together. You don’t need a divine being to understand that.

Our group, while still growing in numbers, is also evolving. Different backgrounds and generational experiences prompt the need to interact with the greater public and share the fruits of the community labor without the hassle of religiosity dividing everyone.

As a 5 year board member, I too have grown to appreciate the diverse nature of our Hudson Valley family. The objective and non-discriminate observation of people and their survival in tough times shows me everyday, that humans are instinctively creative in finding ways to make life work.

If you would like to know more about the Hudson Valley Humanists or just discover Humanism yourself, just check out these links.
You might even dare to step away from the dogma of an ancient time that has long past its time to expire.

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Anonymous said...

With all the trouble that Obama and McCain have gotten into because of religious leaders/supporters you'd think everyone would shy away from this rhetoric. For many, prosperity is simply the void of discomfort. Sounds divine.

Anonymous said...

I dont trust politicians who wear their religion on their sleeve. I dont lay blame or give credit to something that isnt there.
Take responsibility for your own actions people. Stop waiting for the promissed land when you die and make what you have here and now, the essense of who you can be.