Tuesday, June 10, 2008


BLONDIE rocked the house!
Thunderstorm and all, the theater was jammed full of the happiest fans I’ve seen in years.

We all know the classic hits from the selfish 80’s, you know…hits like Heart of Glass, Tide is High, Call Me and Rapture. I actually had long hair back then.

They played a bunch of newer tracks from PICTURE THIS, their latest. And the grooves are mature and worthy of a purchase for the collection.

Looking at the crowd, I was taken back by the generational mix and how everyone was "ONE" with the music. I sometimes forget what music can do to bring people together.

One glitch in the middle of their first attempt at Heart of Glass, a local power transformer blew and surged the sound system. Result? A 10 minute recess and a fresh do-over. The crowd went wild.

Another thing I noticed. No City employees or elected officials. Am I the only one with the ability to get out on a Tuesday night? You can’t use the excuse that we are too old; the place was consumed by 30-60 year olds.

Anyway, the show was a winner. The UPAC/Bardavon staff should be proud and their quick fix of the power problem was impressive. Well worth the time away from my computer!


Anonymous said...

Saw the show. It was great to see Blondie again after all these years.
The Bardavon crew deserve credit for all the shows they bring to Kingston.
The sound problem was a non issue, the crowd was willing to sing along with Debbie for a few minutes before they took a break.

To be there and remember where you were in the 80's is part of the fun. Glad you liked the show.

Anonymous said...

That so called upac place looks like a homeless shelter.

Anonymous said...

Alderman Mike- I missed the show, but celebrated a great Father's Day and anniversary dinne with my family at Little Italy. We had to park against the fence- the muni lot was completely filled.

KPA's long running City & County TV show last night celebrated the birth of the HudsonValley with Guest Richard Mannack- from Conn. He is a member of the QuadCentential Commission. One of the callers, newly elected Paul Werbelowski will consider this video for later viewing at the library after it is discussed with the new board of trustees. Mannuck will appear later in the year dduring the annual Blue Slate festival. Last nights show showed about 15 minutes of his award winning video about the colonization of the area, and its exciting history. Rich stayed for a second hour show with Sal & Deb Silvestro to discuss the growth of Esopus.

Kingston's UPAC is slowly moving up the ladder and continues to showplace world talent. Sounds like you and the many thousands of Blonde fans enjoyed a great concert
Shelly z

Anonymous said...

Forget the picture of Blondie, we want to see the picture of madsen with long hair and the seventies outfit . . .