Tuesday, June 24, 2008


So have you been following the “socialist” rants from the Republican Leadership against Hinchey?

It seems anything you say can be twisted around later for a campaign bombshell.
After all the years Maurice has been in either the NYS Assembly or in Congress, he would be ready for anything. Indeed he is.

Minority Leader John Boehner’s office sent out this little ditty: “Hinchey proposed a Washington takeover of the entire oil industry” to a huge list of Republican operatives in order to mobilize the fanatics. The statement described Hinchey’s remarks as a “bombshell.”

So what did Maurice do? He laughed it off. Stating that he was merely pointing out that if oil companies refuse to build more refineries, the government should consider building some of its own to boost the fuel supply and help bring down prices.

Many US citizens think the private corporations have had their time strangling the consumer, and that a new course is needed to provide energy sources, including refining more crude oil here in the homeland.

In the Ithaca Times, Hinchey was quoted: “No, of course we’re not trying to nationalize the oil industry, I’m just saying that if the oil companies choose not to build any more refineries, then they’ve got to be built in some way.”

In response to the Conservative rhetoric during this campaign season, Hinchey again quoted: “You’ll see a history on their part of falsification of information on this issue of energy, It’s so characteristic of the way they’ve been behaving.”

With 68 million acres of national land reserved for oil companies to tap, and several refinery start-ups given permission to build, the culprits responsible for the increase in fuel prices falls between the oil companies and energy stock speculators.

Drilling for oil here would require hiring US citizens at prevailing wage. Not what the oil industry had in mind. Without legislative intervention, I don’t see any willful change in the workings of the Corporetocracy. Maurice has it right, at least in the threat.

The four, five or six different conservative challengers have to keep in mind, what the citizens are feeling in their wallet, is a result of the Bush/Cheney Energy Policy.
Hinchey, a strong advocate for renewable energy development and local green job opportunities in the Hudson Valley, has a better grasp of the consumer needs within his district. Take heed my conservative friends, for the antiquated philosophies you cherish today will be the source of your eminent demise in November.


Anonymous said...

Whenever Wall St., Banks, Car Comps or Corporate America needs help and the Govt bails them out it's called ECONOMIC POLICY and when we need a break it's referred to as SOCIALISM?
Damn the semantics, full speed ahead...smitty

Anonymous said...

It is nice to hear the real story, not the childish rants from a wannabe.

Anonymous said...

Hinchey is a liar. He called for nationalization and now is backing off. Just go to youtube and hear for yourself.

Anonymous said...


What Bush/Cheney gave to the American taxpayer in that demonic energy plan, will kill the middle class if left unchecked.

Yours is but one good idea. Lets hear em all and do something for the average Joe.

Anonymous said...

Cahill is right. Hinchey is a communist. Now, he's lying about what he said. Check out Youtube and see his comments.

Witmore said...

68 Million acres of land reserved for Iol company drilling, sitting Idle while right wingnuts scream for additional land!
Give us a break. To Exxon/Mobile, the iol is worth more under ground.
Dont think for one minute that the corporations are looking out for anyone but themselves.
Picking on Hinchey make you feel better? That's all its getting you.