Friday, June 06, 2008


We are at a pivotal point in our country’s history where we can either succeed based on our core values, or by supplementing the views of others to secure a position.

Some of us on the local level have had no problem adopting philosophies of third parties just to cover political bases in a general election.

When the mission statement of such a party is in total contrast of your own, it is disingenuous at best, slimy at its worst.

Why then, Do I see so many of my Democratic friends seek the Conservative Party endorsement? It’s disgusting! Has anyone read their Mission statement? Their social philosophies date beck to the “good ol days” of William F Buckley in the 50s as well as “separate but equal” and a “male only” military.

Let’s compare some low points;

-Women’s reproductive rights: Repeal em!
-Equalize pay scale ratio: Not if we can help it!
-School prayer: That would save our souls!
-Creationism as history: For the Bible tells me so!
-Abstinence only sex education: What a success story!
-Equality in marriage: Fragile hetero-marriages would collapse!
-Stem Cell research: Too late for Reagan, too late for you!
-Death with Dignity: Suffering a prolonged painful death builds character!
-Global warming: Ice caps are fresh water, we need fresh water right?
-Privatize Social Security: Place all your futures in OIL!
-Corporation bailouts: The market is our guide, but when the market fails…
-Mortgage crisis: Predatory loans didn’t affect the better people!
-WAR funding: That’s what credit cards are for!
-Veterans Health Care: What was good enough for the Confederacy…
-Unions: Who said you could speak?

I’m sure by now you see my point. With just a few examples you understand the term Conservative/Democrat is really an Oxymoron. If you focus on just the fiscal restraints that they espouse, look no further than Bush's conservative debt totals. Our grandkids will know the legacy of this administration all too well. So I ask all of you, where am I mistaken when I take my fellow Democrats to task for their spineless embrace of the Party of Randall Terry and Pat Robertson? For a few votes? Puh-Leez!


Anonymous said...

Good points-all of them.
I too pay attention to who is whoring with who for lines on the ballot. Its sad really, when you think of the back room deals made by party bosses for the sake of dual ticket security.

Anonymous said...

Im glad Hein and Auerbach didnt get the Conservative line. Frankly, Id be suprised if they asked for it.
That is one political party that fits the term "throw-back" perfectly.

Anonymous said...

You can even be a Republican and reject the Conservative Party.
Look at Guliani, Bloomberg, and Pataki, all here in NY.

Take any one of them down to Kentucky and they'd be called Liberals.

Anonymous said...

I guess you could rule out getting their endorxement for anything mike.
Its funny how the other politicians are willing to slither around with these charactors. I too would steer clear of such narrow people.

Stick to your guns.

Anonymous said...

That list you made is funny, in a sarcastic way. Sometimes humor is the only method we have in getting a point across.
You did well, but watch out that you dont cross one of them personally and within striking distance.

Anonymous said...

Great Post Mike! The only item you forgot is the Tyrantasaurus Rex as their new mascot and logo. Thanks...smitty

Anonymous said...

Great post Mike! Have you visited the spreadingourwings blogspot yet?

I'm not as familiar with party representatives and particulars as you are (I'm waaaay behind, but learning...) --- but I do know when things that I read "hit home."

Keep up the good work! PHOENIX

Fabrice from Tivoli said...


Will you ever seek another line other
then Democratic?

Mike Madsen said...

Political Parties other than Democrat may have platforms that mesh better with my focus points.

The Green Party has elements as well as the Indepenence Party. I have gotten the endorsement of the Working Families Party in the past, but the focus of this Blog Post is to point out that the Conservative Party is to the right of the Republican Party.

It doesnt make sense to leap-frog over a more similar group to get to their extreme.

As the other commenter pointed out, there have been centrist Republicans elected in the northeast. Democrats have more in common with some Republicans than the typical conservative like Sean Hannity. So I decided to rant about my comrades falling over each other to get endorsed by a group which couldnt care less about the welfare of the middle class.

Eagle said...

Well stated! Be for something, not everything and not nothing just for the sake of power.