Saturday, March 14, 2009


Let me say right away. DPW will not collect your yard waste in plastic bags.

I don't know how many times the staff has to tell everyone as the season carries on, but the bags pile up at the curb, year after year. They split open due to weather and UV exposure, until the curb is littered with a mouldy lump of partially composted grass and clippings.

The picture above is the first yard waste combatant here on Brewster Street. He makes a point of using plastic bags every spring just to irritate the neighborhood. It will sit there for months unless I finally break down and barrel it one Sunday night.

You don't necessarily have to purchase the yard waste bags from City Hall or Herzog's either. You can continue to fill and curb your 32 gallon cans as most of us do. It's less work and contributes less of a footprint on the ecosystem.

Collection of yard waste and wood starts this Monday March 16th. with your regular trash pick-up schedule.

For more information: call dispatch at: 338-2114


Anonymous said...


If you trim/cut back the brush and sweep the winter grim from your street what do you do with it? Can you pile it in a neat pile for the city to pick up or do you have to put it in a container?

I'm really pleased to see a DPW crew trimming back some of the overgrowth along the borders of ward 8 & 9. I hope they continue as many places in the city would benefit from a good spring clean-up!

Anonymous said...

Forget the brush, let's start with the landfill of trash on the Pine Grove Ave median and a few of our other streets. We can all help, especially those who get paid to do it...smitty