Monday, March 23, 2009


Wilbur has been scrubbed and swept!

My helper and I spent a little time last week and today, preparing the hamlet of Wilbur for the city's street sweeper. I was worried that the frosty weather was going to force the rig back to the warm garage since it requires water usage. But victory was ours!

We raked enough of the sidewalk debris into the street to give the vacuum a bit of a struggle, but the result is terrific!

Having the sweeper cruise through a neighborhood is nice enough, but if you know the schedule, you can really take advantage of the machinery we've invested in.

I'm thinking the wooded corner of W Pierpont and McEntee this weekend. Any volunteers?

It's marshy, so waterproof boots are required and I'll be separating the recyclables from the trash.

Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

You raking fool!
Tell me that's not in your job description. I can only imagine you'd be divorced by now had you done crazy stuff like this and been married.
But while you're at it. Ill send you my street address for you and your crew.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for the the big push with the spring cleaning. I can't think of many things that make such a great difference in the way the city looks - and it's easy to do. I always feel very personal rewarded after I've done my best cleaning job - and I find yard work the most rewarding!

However, I must say that there are many citizens who would love to work WITH you to make a difference in our neighborhoods. Community involvement is a great way to better get to know your neighbors and do something for your community. It's not necessary to be a one man army when we can work together as a united city.

I noticed how clean the main streets of WIlbur were IMMEDIATELY upon my drive home. Now, if you could send them up "Billy Goat Hill" that would be great. Take a drive up yourself and see all the work I've done to clean up my corner of the street. I have a bad case of poison ivy to show for my effort to create a more pleasant environment for myself and my neighbors - and I'd do it again.

What day/time will you be working on W Pierpont and McEntee? (I don't do well with early mornings on the weekend ;-))

Seriously Mike, we can all work together and many of us would welcome the chance to make a difference with you. There is strength in community driven manpower and desire for improvement.

Mike Madsen said...

I did the Fitch & Burnett loop. I saw your cleaning efforts and am impressed.
I got a few pictures there as well because I'm working on the details for the CDBG street repair posting, that you're about to endure.
Its finally going to happen.

I'm thinking Sunday about noon for the Pierpont event. I may be placing two rescued dogs in homes this Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mike - just one more suggestion and I'll shut up - for tonight.

Why don't you challenge the other aldermen/woman to a city street clean sweep within their own wards? Losers take the winner out for a good dinner a few drinks with friends.


Challenge the other aldermen/woman to see who can enlist the largest group of ward volunteers for a city street clean sweep.

Either way it would be a great public relations effort, a great opportunity for some local press and a potential landslide of folly for everyone!



Anonymous said...

To 8:51 When have you ever heard of one of the other Aldermen getting their hands dirty? Name one who would pull open a storm drain and shovel something out? Madsen, youre going to hurt yourself one day. There is some nasty shit in those waste cans, storm drains and shore lines. Wear gloves!

Anonymous said...

If more people volunteered and frequently did simple tasks like this, the community we live in would be so much more beautiful. Yuo and your helpers should be commended for your dedication to our community! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

What can we do, to clear the streets of parked cars when the street sweeper is sceduled to come through?

I suggest they use those temporary "No Parking" signs they use for festivals.

Anonymous said...

Dear 11:49,
Regardless of whether or not the street sweeper is scheduled to come by, there's no law that would stop anyone from regularly sweeping up the area in front of their own home or business.

If the people of Kingston would stop being so lazy, and only take ordinary care of their front yards and sidewalks this city would be a whole lot cleaner.