Monday, March 30, 2009


This store on the corner of Broadway and Elmendorf is closed. Not the type of establishment any of us frequent on a daily basis, but I'm curious about the cause of the closure. Any clues from the public?

Could this be the first challenge for the new Main Street Manager?
It's right across from Seven/21 Broadway! Hello people!


Anonymous said...

the store is getting renovated

Anonymous said...

Every day they are closed, they are losing money. How would they expect to survive in this economic environment?
There must have been a reason.

Anonymous said...

It seems just about everything is closing along Broadway on that side. As long as
(insert expletive) streets like Henry exist in the conditions that they are the closed run down inn will never be bought and the area will never improve. I would never open a business along Broadway with those two points of interest being there.
I think the existence of the theater being there is the only point of class.
Then again, its just my opinion.