Saturday, March 07, 2009


Now that the weather is looking more like spring, you'll find more of us venturing outside to get some fresh air, clean the yard and chat-it-up with the neighbors.

Here in the City of Kingston, we have limited space for people to bring dogs to run free. Unless you have a fenced in yard, you have to walk your dog. This is where today's post comes in.

Over the last few weeks, I have installed the new wave of pet etiquette signage throughout Ward Nine. Although the law was in effect for quite some time, the ability to engage your non-compliant neighbor was without backing. That has changed.

Sometimes all we need is the ability to point to a sign that affirms our position when challenging an otherwise futile plea. Those of u
s walking our dogs, must participate in the continued cleanliness of the sidewalks and respect our neighbors. There is a fine!

I had to get and install these signs myself because we are down in personnel here in the city. It isn't the first time, it wont be the last.
To make any complaint stick, you should be armed with a picture or video of the pooch doing it's business. Most digital camera's today have a video feature. Use it!

You'll find these signs installed on Hasbrouck Ave, Andrew St, W. Chester St, W. Chestnut St, Hone St, Levan St and W. Pierpont St. More on the way!

Note: There is no parking permitted 15 feet from any corner. This signage needs no legislation and can be installed as soon as crews are able. I have also installed such signs and would ask that everyone consider trouble spots that may need attention throughout the city.


Anonymous said...

It's official; You are out of control!
I actually saw you on Hone Street and was thinking, what the hell are you doing out there in the cold? Now I know.
It's kinda funny that now, when I think back, I havent seen any of your fellow Councilmen putting up signs. I know of some other good spots and will email you later. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I hope we don't fall back into the horse and buggy days. The streets were strewn with feces then.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Madsen,

If that regulation is true about not being able to park closer than 15 feet from a corner, does it apply to an intersecting perpendicular corner as well? For instance when you drive down the borderline between wards 1 and 2 on Lafayette Ave. to Main St. if someone is parked on the right side of Main closest to Lafayette you cannot see the traffic coming from the left side unless you inch out into the street. I know this is not your ward but I wonder if you could answer my question please because it has to be a common situation throughout the city.

Mike Madsen said...

The 15 foot parking restriction is common from coast to coast and requires no legislation.
If you wish to increase the distance of "No Parking" at any intersection, say 20 or more feet, simply ask your Alderman to carry your request to the Traffic Safety Committee. You may write it up and hand it to the City Clerk as well.
Items can only appear on our committee agenda if submitted to the Clerks Office prior to that month's Council meeting.
With Al Teetsel temporarily unavailable, I will check out this one corner myself.

Thanks for asking.

Anonymous said...

Please go around Franklin,Liberty. Fernace, Prospect, can't the inmates clean around that square where the kids go and read books. Its so full of Dog Crap it stinks
if you walk around it with your kids. My little one walk in the dog do on the sidewalk while we were going to storytime

Anonymous said...

Someone in City Hall said you lost a few dogs this fall. Sorry to hear that. We all treat our pets like family. I'm sure there is a void there.

Would it be possible to get one of those poop scoop dispensers installed on a few popular dog corners? Cant be all that expensive. Let us know.

Anonymous said...

Sign standards require the bottoms to be 7 feet high so they don't hit people in the head - the City is libel for these and many others - take a course, fire the DPW head and sign maker and overpaid and under worked Engineer.

Anonymous said...

How do we get rid of the dog feces. It can't be legal to put it in the trash is it?

Rebecca Martin said...

Wish you would have asked your constituents in Ward 9. We not only would have helped you put them in, we have a list of locations we'd like to see them. Perhaps you hit those this spring. I'll take a look.

If not, wish you would have asked us where we would have liked to have them placed.

Rebecca Martin said...

12:36 - from what I know, Dog waste in a closed bag (tied or zip lock) are OK in the trash.

Mike can confirm, but I'm quite certain...

In Ward 9, Diane Bonivita, a resident here in the ward has been researching what's been done in Rhinebeck. There are 'stations' that have bags and a garbage can with instructions (an ordinance perhaps) in the village/town. She was successful at having one donated by the vet clinic that provided them in Rhinebeck and is waiting to get more info from the city. It would act more as an experiment then anything else. It's good to learn of the options anyway.

Mike Madsen said...

About the disposal of dog poop and cat litter...yes it can go out in our regular trash.
I just had this conversation with CSEA President Bart Robins on this issue. He noted that last week, one bag was too full and split open on an employee, and asked that it be made known so that we put it in the trash in smaller doses.

There is a pooper station infront of PetSmart in Ulster. I'm thinking about getting one as an experiment to see if it's appropriate for the neighborhoods. I'll confer with those who know the better models.

Anonymous said...


I know you are real interested and concerned about animal welfare... Could you please give some input on the following, which was posted (by a contributer) on Dr. Jam's blog? I looked up the site referenced and I was simply left feeling confused... What is your "take?"

Copied and Pasted:

"Abuse of women is a real problem in this country, but before you bring in an animal rights activist whose organization pushes for laws that cause people to have to give up their pets you need to know what their agenda is in meeting with democratic women.
"The animal rights movement portrays itself simply as a group of people who are concerned with the mistreatment of animals. That's an easy position to sell in America where a large portion of population has pets. However, there is an undercurrent of violence, extremist positions, and even anti-human views that runs through the animal rights movement. HSUS for whom this speaker works recently killed 127 dogs in North Carolina of which 60 where new born puppies. They had people begging them not to do this and offering adoption. Here in the words of their CEO is their Agenda, "We have no ethical obligation to preserve the different breeds of livestock produced through selective breeding. ...One generation and out. We have no problems with the extinction of domestic animals. They are creations of human selective breeding." Wayne Pacelle * Director of HSUS. Before bringing in someone who sole agenda is the anilahation of domestic animals, you need to ask what is their agenda. HSUS and PETA have been misleading the public for years. This new cult has invaded the Humane society, PETA is the originator of this new cult by sending people out to take over established animal welfare societies. These people are joined at the hip with the ALF and support the people with money who do violence in our society. They have tried to pass laws that do away with your bill of rights against unreasonable search and seizure and property rights. They use the emotional pull of abused animals to raise large sums of money to push for laws that will allow anyone to enter your home at will. To force you to microchip your pet even if it means certain death which has happened in many states. Stop their abuse now! Do not let HSUS go unchallenged with the abuse they are heaping upon poor defenselss animals . Check the web to see how people in the know think about HSUS and PETA's goals.

March 8, 2009 5:38 PM"

Thank you Mike!

Anonymous said...

I've looked some things up re the above and feel pretty reassured... but this info (terms used / etc) is still new to me so any info would be appreciated...

At the same time, I don't want to leave this sitting "as is" - so here is a link (that people can check out for themselves) to -

"About Us The Humane Society of the United States:

Anonymous said...

Please explain why "Al Teetsel is temporarily unavailable" because he has not missed a beat being on KCR during his time slot which is Thursday mornings from 7 am to 9 am.

Bart Robins said...

Mike, we would prefer you not put it in the trash at all. Our employees who own dogs bury the poop in the ground. As I said the bags just don't break open they explode, spreading feces in all directions. We have had at least 2 occassion where employee had to leave work because they were covered in it.

This time of year is a real problem, because most people won't clean up on a daily basis. Waiting until the snow is melted. Months of feces from countless homes, you get the picture. I am checking with our code enforcement officer because I believe it is illegal to put any type of feces in the trash.