Sunday, March 22, 2009


Hunter Mountain, like so many other ski resorts, is impressive in any season. Early spring is no exception.

This past Saturday, after an afternoon of canvassing for Scott Murphy in Catskill, my friend Amee Peterson and I were invited to attend the "Meet Scott Murphy" event at the base lodge. The gorgeous setting was appropriate.

It was one of those rare moments when timing worked in our favor. A number of key guests were there as well as plenty of familiar faces from Ulster County and Kingston. We had joined what was considered a regional movement toward economical stewardship through the potential leadership of Scott Murphy.

Before 100+ attendees, Scott demonstrated how his meteoric rise in popularity took hold. His charisma, grasp of the issues and charming good looks have made this long shot seem inevitable.

Sure, I've followed the feeble attempt to link Scott with AIG bonuses and "All things depressing in NY" during the campaign, but when you meet the real deal in person...All of the negative rhetoric washes away.

Amee had his ear for quite a while after the speaking session and I just know Scott is aware of what she thinks of his opponent. I had to shake my head and smile while the immediate crowd nodded in agreement as she spoke. Funny stuff.

This special election has captured the attention of the nation. The values of the electorate in the 20th Congressional district are going to provide a platform for the election season to come. With a 2 to 1 Republican registry in the 20th district, the numbers were expected to be something other than 50/50.

March 31st is closer than you think, and yet this will feel like the longest yard. Why all the effort? Having someone help Maurice Hinchey, and John Hall in Congress is a worthy goal. There's comfort in knowing that Amee and I are not alone.

The district includes Delaware, Greene, Columbia and the northern half of Dutchess Counties. It also extends north-west of Albany.


Anonymous said...

You cant make this stuff up: In an interview March 20th with the Oneonta Daily Star newspaper, Tedisco claimed that "Rush Limbaugh is meaningless to me." Three hours later, the Tedisco campaign issued a press release apologizing to Rush. The man has no more spine than the rest of them.

Anonymous said...

You know,for this Murphy guy to come in from nowhere and give Tedisco a hard run in six weeks has got to make him crazy! You're right that the numbers should be different. Will Scott pull it off? I hope so. Just to have a hearty laugh at the old New York dynasty falling apart like the rest of the republican party.

Anonymous said...

I live in Red Hook. We are in the 20th. I hope to have Scott Murphy as my Congressman!
I only recently discovered what the district looks like and I am amazed to find Greene and Delaware County in the 20th. When I googled Scott's name, and the picture of Hunter Mt came up, I thought this cant be right.
Thanks for the lesson.

Anonymous said...

Murphy cozies up to the Slutsky empire ?

tsk, tsk,, they have corrupted more politicians than any GOP backers,

look @ the contracts they get for the other family businesses.

If Murphy is with the Slutsky family, i am for Tedisco.

Anonymous said...

11:55 - just because his fundraising committee held a fundraiser there, doesn't mean that the candidate "cozied" up to its owners. Scott has a lot of territory to traverse - where in that area of Greene County would you suggest he hold a fundraiser? Or should he be arrogant and ignore that area of his district? Don't be so hasty to judge others.