Thursday, March 05, 2009


Michael Hein has announced the list of the first wave of "Stimulus" funded projects selected in Ulster County. Just under $21 Million has been earmarked for transportation-related projects.

Most will begin as so
on as the weather turns for the better since many were considered "Shovel Ready" when the financial crisis hit and thus set aside for stable times. Well, Ulster County is getting a slice of the Obama Pie in the form of road and bridge repair.

According to Hein's office: about $18 million will be spread around 10 highway, bridge and pedestrian projects while another $3 million will end up in eight transit projects.

There are bridges in Ellenville, Lloyd and Kerhonkson that need serious attention while Marbletown will see some street scapes attended to.

Our own City of Kingston will get a small portion to offset the already large sum needed to make the Pedestrian Waterfront Walkway a reality. Breaking ground this spring!

Also mentioned was the new hybrid UCAT buses that, according to some, will lessen the cost of operation. It will be nice to have an active example to point to when scouts for potential "Green" companies visit Ulster C

I do alot of renovation work west of Kingston so when I heard Route 28 will get paved from Route 375 to the Delaware County Line, I was both elated and upset. Elated because that highway has needed a new surface for a long time, upset because I will now have to endure the year long traffic delays to and from work everyday.

I'll deal with it because I remain thankful to have a job to go to.


Anonymous said...

We really do need this. I'm not sure it creates the jobs we were looking for but the infrastructure in New York State has been left as an afterthought for 14 years. The bridge authority has tagged hundreds of crossings that needed immediate attention and they still remain unattended. I only hope that we get to some of these before some tragedy.

Anonymous said...

No let's give back the money and let some supernatural being take responsibility if some bridge fails and people get killed. I don't know how the governors of these red states can possibly maintain support. Can their constituencies be that foolish? I'm glad we live in a state that uses some common sense.

Anonymous said...

It's good to see our tax dollars at work. Our infrastructure needs much work and this effort should aid the entire community
thanks for the update

you can hear me on WKNY at 6:05 to discuss Kingston Area Public Access
take care

Anonymous said...

More money to incompetent politicos - Al and Pat will get more taxpayer Pie on their fingers.