Friday, March 20, 2009


In a recent communication from Mayor Sottile, he asked the Common Council to support and embrace a grant application to the State for the demolition of the former cement plant located on the Hudson.

Forming a partnership with Hudson Landing to take advantage of the Restore New York Communities Initiative grant would have a tremendous affect on the pace of the project.

Most of the city is weary of the drawn out planning stage of this housing development and would like to see some action on the part of Perna and Company.

According to Gov. David Paterson, local municipalities can now apply for Round 3 of the Grant, totalling $150 million. The intent of the program is to spur growth by providing municipalities with financial assistance for revitalization of commercial and residential properties.

Over $300 million is estimated to be dispersed when all is settled.

The City of Kingston will be able to compete for funding to aid in the demolition, deconstruction, rehabilitation and/or reconstruction of vacant, abandoned, condemned and surplus properties.

Paterson told the AP: "During difficult and challenging economic times, the innovative Restore New York program will be crucial to rebuilding our economy and launching New York on a path towards full economic recovery, I look forward to announcing Round 3 recipients and witnessing the positive transformations that these projects will stimulate."

Malcolm Smith said: "The single best way to get New York's economy back on track is to attract new businesses and jobs by investing in our communities. Restore New York is the kind of program that provides immediate results."

I have to say good thinking on the part of our Mayor Jim Sottile for taking the initiative on working with Hudson Landing to speed things along. This has been a painfully slow process to which this effort by this administration can only help.


Anonymous said...

If the high speed rail on the west side of the Hudson ever becomes a reality, you better hope we have some housing available!

Anonymous said...

You are right about the long wait for the Hudson Landing project, but the final proposal is sooo much better than what they started with.
The process worked, Kingston gets a better development and the tax base expands. The wait was worth it, Now I just want to see them break ground.
I cant make the meeting, but I'll see you at April's Council Meeting.

Anonymous said...

That whole parcel should be turned into a city park. Kingston should keep the land completely open to the public. Why would we want yet another housing development taking valuable land in our region when the natural beauty alone, would be the draw for tourism and provide activities for the citizens here now?

Anonymous said...

TO 9:34
Although yet another park or forest or squirrel preserve would be nice, THEY DON'T PAY TAXES. We need GOOD jobs and GOOD housing that will attract people that can PAY TAXES. We have done more than our share to help the unemployed, homeless, and those with special needs. Look around, this city is a dumping ground. Build the infrastructure to attract the people that will allow us to thrive.

Anonymous said...

I want that housing development to get started. ASAP! They should be partially built when the market turns around, and it will turn around!
Don't think for a minute these guys just buy and build homes in risky areas expecting a loss. No way! They know the people will come. Its just a matter of a year or two.