Thursday, March 19, 2009


In an effort to reach across the aisle on the issue of VA Funding, President Obama was almost fooled into privatizing Veteran's Health Care.

As of Wednesday evening, word has gotten out, that the continued efforts of our many veterans advocacy groups to steer the administration away from this potential disaster, has worked. The proposal is no-longer on the table.

American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) has made the case for full VA funding, even in the face of this economic crisis. The main sponsor of the private/voucher system of veterans healthcare? Sen John McCain.

There have been efforts to dismantle the VA since it's inception. We know what political party has continually pressed for the elimination of this department.
They insist this notion that if the government provides, manages and subsidizes health care to any US citizens, regardless of the military service they provided our country, reeks of socialism.

For the last eight years, the level of funding has dwindled in hopes to push the level of service below public tolerance with the intent to sway public opinion to their view. It almost worked.

McCain serves as the ranking member of the Armed Services Committee. He offered an often attempted notion to introduce a voucher system to supply Vets Healthcare. An idea that is another thinly veiled step toward dismantling the current Veterans Health Administration. Until now, Obama was tepidly interested.

AFGE President John Gage told watchdog groups: “Senator McCain is one of the most prominent veterans in the country and should understand the severity of acting against the stability and well-being of his fellow veterans. We respect his years of service, we just hope that he can respect the service of the 23 million other veterans living in the United States.”

To get their message out clearly, the folks at AFGE put together this video in hopes to convince McCain and the other members of the committee to fully fund the VA and step away from the Voucher/Private proposal. The VA is ideal in that it focuses on problems unique to veterans issues. McCain, as their membership states, should know that he is jeopardizing the services of those he claims to support.

My hat is off to Obama for seeing the wisdom of a fully funded VA. With an expected 400 thousand peace-keepers, half ours, about to flood Afghanistan for the next decade, we need a reliable VA.


Anonymous said...

Well,, Obama finally got one thing right.

Now, if he can stop selling our Allies down the river ( England & Israel ) he might get back on the good foot.

What he is doing to Israel & England is a crime against humanity.

They have stood by us always, our true stalwart friends.

SHAME on him & hillary !

Anonymous said...

Got to keep it up Mike.You have a great Blog. Thank you...Nanc and Bob

Anonymous said...

Dizzy yet? You make it sound as though Obama did something positive. Privatizing was intended to BENEFIT Veterans, not for saving the fed money.

Anonymous said...

Mike: this is an important issue. Terry Breitenstein - Director of the Ulster Veterans Agency has done an incredible job with minimum funds. He has fought for the rights of our local vets and continues to travel to DC & Albany and other areas to represent our locals Vets.

Also thanks for clearing up the matter regarding the defunding of Vets rights-
To bad this issue cant be on our local KAPA channel- Ooops- its not on- hey remember a dime additional from each of the subscribers would establish the station and get this vital communitity service back on the air
agin-thanks for allowing us to answer and talk with thee
take care,
Shelly z

Anonymous said...

If you look at McCain's voucher proposal, you'll see where the diversion of funding from the already depleted VA would have a devastating effect.
I don't know what this blog will do, other than to inform some of us locally. I certainly wasn't aware. Thanks for supporting us veterans.