Sunday, March 15, 2009


As far as I can remember, I cant recall a more beautiful day to have a parade and a shout out to the AOH for another job well done!

I thought it would be fun to get some pictures of some of the notables who joined me in the festivities.

Shots of the Rondout crowd later. Have a happy St Patrick's Day this Tuesday!

Pictured below is Shirley Whitlock and Bill Reynolds with Charlie Landi in the left background.

Pictured below is UC Chairman Dave Donaldson chewing on Brian Cahill's ear with Legislator Ken Ronk looking on. (not sure what to say)

Pictured below is Al Teetsel embracing Thomas Hoffay who is wearing the most dapper suit of the elected entourage. One person thought he had channeled Harry Truman before leaving his house.


Anonymous said...

you might bthe only one who knows any of those people,, except maybe that nasty selfish evil Hoffay.

Anonymous said...

Thank-you, Mike,,

you run a great blog,, always on top of the comments of yr posters & keeping abreast of daily events.


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike- another great parade- finished with my # 2 grandson- Alex- slow time of 32 min 25 seconds- and must have been upstairs in the Post Parade center and missed all of our elected officals walking by- oh well as in the days of the old Dodgers "wait til next year". My 90 day spring countdown- is now 4 days away
take care and continue to write the second best blog in the county- Yup- here's the newest
take care and enjoy the Spring- remember tomorrow- Ulster Chamber Breakfast
Shely Z

Anonymous said...

Hello-- city and county...oops sorry, thought I was channelling Shelly Z there for a sec. I must also think there was no garbage after the parade hahaha.