Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Last month, If you recall, I made a bold assumption that Andrew Cuomo would challenge Governor Paterson for the nomination to run for the office in 2010. I think that possibility is inching closer every day.

Not too long ago, Dave's former fundraising queen Cindy Darrison, made the move to link her firm with the Attorney General. Good for her. I expect that, unless Paterson's numbers turn around like a scene in "Twister", the coronation is all but over.


Darrison told the AP: "Having worked with the previous attorney general for eight years, I've been very impressed with what Andrew Cuomo has been doing in the attorney general's office, his cases involving the health care insurance industry and Wall Street are particularly impressive," she continued. "I'm looking forward to working with him."

Her move is just one strong indicator of what's to come.

There has been a plethora of independent polls taken across the state for weeks, showing Dave's popularity slipping, with no end in sight.
One reporter on PolitickerNY actually framed Paterson's retreat from re-election as a McGreevey moment. The difference is Jimmy actually won the governorship through his own campaign before screwing it up.

With the spread wide enough to make even Eliot Spitzer jealous, Paterson can just give it up. Funny, I almost feel sorry for the guy.

The combination of the banking collapse, the MTA meltdown, the squabbling between Smith and Silver on the state budget, Paterson has nowhere to turn but Lame Duck Bliss. He can do what he wants without repercussions.

But what about 2010? Do you know how many offices are up for election next year? More than all your fingers on your pampered latte sipping hands. And lets say Andrew runs and wins, what happens to the AG spot? Is is an appointment? Special election, like the Congressional seat next week? What a mess!

On a final note: Remember I threw Pataki's name out there for US Senate in 2012. I still have a sneaky feeling, he'd be willing to jump back in, if his family will let him. Some readers said absolutely not to both predictions. Lets watch and see.


Aldercreep Stomper said...

For 2010

Gov& Lt. Gov
Two US Senators Class 1 and 2
Member of Congress
State Senator

If Cuomo runs for Governor he would have to give up that the AG Post. So.....That would be a primary.

Anonymous said...

You forgot two local races that I know of:

U C Sheriff
U C Comptroller

We're at 11 so far, not including the primaries.

Anonymous said...

Mike- Ya gotta figure out a way to finance your own campaign from this blog- maybe you can do it on the new and improved KAPA- getting close to Return Day.

My prediction:
Cuomo runs for Governor
Pataki stays at home-
his mystery illness scared the hell out of him and his days of campaigning are over.
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

When the rubber hits the road, it's the local races of 2009 that will affect our municipal operations. We have a judge, county clerk, Legislators and you Aldermen to think about.
When it comes to local representatives, this blog gives us the best insight to how you think. I don't always agree with your opinions, but I think the rest of the Council should put themselves out there like you do. I have no idea what my Alderman stands for and only saw her once.

Anonymous said...

To 4:45 The local races of 2009 are right around the corner. We should consider the level of input they all provide in committee as well as on the street.
Mike, you do more than your share, but there are those who run, win and then Hide for 18 months until election season. That's what makes me furious. I end up choosing the lesser of two evils, the one who didn't show up or the unknown opposition. It's not healthy.

Anonymous said...

4:45 There were two other Aldermen running blogs for a while, One is no longer an Alderman, the other is still serving, but has stopped. The Kingt'onion is long defunct.
What's worse, is the author remained anonymous through the years it ran. Not cool.