Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Everyone remembers that in recent months, our County Comptroller Elliott Auerbach has criticized the legislature for “lack of oversight” in the world of UCRRA. He made the suggestion that in the past decade, tens of millions may have been wasted in the form of mismanagement at the facility and poor supervision by the County Legislature.

It seems the oversight committee has decided that Director Mike Bemis has got to go. He was fired this Tuesday evening where as far as Ive heard, there hasn't been a replacement or interim named yet. Bemis claimed the oversight of the financial operations was sufficient where without it, the costs would be higher. Obviously the committee didn't buy it.
Bemis is the first director to serve in the wake of Charlie Shaw. What occured at the meeting and what words were said, I haven't a clue, but the end result was Mike's dismissal. The expected increase in cost to the taxpayers in the amount of 1.5 Million probably raised all the warnings the board needed.
Since I am not on the committee closely related to this department, I had no access nor hint of what was developing until Elliott's report came out last month. Perfect! Since then, all of the Legislators have been paying close attention to the issue. 

As you can tell, I've stayed clear of all the sexual harassment accusations that have developed in the press. Without being witness to the testimony, I cannot add to the story.

I will ad more to this article as I find out more of the details. Meanwhile, be sure to increase your recycling folks!


Anonymous said...

Poor Ziglet. Perfect audits aren't accepted from him. Too much generational baggage. Maybe he'll cut his puppetmasters' strings and fly free. We're all still waiting.

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't be surprised if one of the Board members is appointed to fill in for him. The paper today wrote some overheard thru a door remarks - not good policy - the taxpayer's will end of paying Bemis hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Anonymous said...

Wadnola said oversight of the Resource Recovery Agency falls to the Legislature’s Government Services Committee, which is chaired by Wallkill Republican Kevin Roberts, a former chairman of the RRA’s board of trustees.

“I think he’s quite happy with (the agency), Wadnola said of Roberts.

If they had actually been doing their jobs, maybe the County wouldn't be facing multiple law suits over this latest mess.

Anonymous said...

Is that Rob Parete in the background of that picture?