Friday, October 29, 2010


The 2010 Annual Community Action Dinner proved once again to be the quintessential bi-partisan event of the year. Well, in Ulster County anyway.

I say this because, after all the really hard work of planning, purchasing, cooking and delivering the mass quantities of chicken, Beans, mashed potato and stuffing by the volunteers, we politicians and public servants step in and get to serve the 600+ seniors. Some of which come from as far as Shandaken, Lloyd and Ellenville.

Here is a clip of Assemblyman Kevin Cahill reflecting on this year's event as we were winding down the evening...

Very few of the candidates running this Tuesday missed the event. At some point it becomes tradition to mix it up at the Senior dinner. I've always liked the few hours that we all put down the armor and do something fun with the opposition. With only hours to go, that too will pass and it will be business as usual.

Kevin, it was nice to catch you for the final comments. Best wishes Tuesday.

You can find Kevin's and the rest of the Democratic ticket website links to the left. Take the time to check em out before Election Day.


Anonymous said...

This annual event is always a terrific opportunity for these folks to get out and see their friends, if only for one evening.
KUDOs to the Volunteers and staff of the County Community Action team for a job well done.

Anonymous said...

Very well attended, service was superb and the volunteers are to be commended for making sure all were fed within a reasonable amount of time. Not sure why they call it a dinner/dance though. Not much dancing but the music was exceptional too. Kudos to the organizers. Fun had by all. A round of applause to Community Action for taking on the task of making this event a success.

Anonymous said...

It was great to see people like Kevin there. He has always been supportive of the seniors. I was wondering where the pony tailed guy was? He too good to serve dinner to the seniors is he?

Anonymous said...

I saw Kevin there. He genuinely looked to be enjoying spending time with the seniors. I think we all have to make sure we get out there and vote to keep him in office.

not drinking the kool-aid said...

Is it the lime kool-aid ? or the cherry ? that you are all drinking?

Kevin Cahill does not help the Hudson Valley he helps Shelly Silver & NYC ! PERIOD !

wake up & look at the record,

SHEESH ! ya'll have all lost your sense of balance,

sickening posts.
Kevin has to GO !

Peter Rooney is not the best replacement, but he is the 1st in a long time.


Bye-Bye Kevin " Shelly's boi" Cahill

Anonymous said...

Kevin helps the 10st district and those who say otherwise are either ignorant or purposely lying.

Talk about drinking the kool aid, you must be drinking the Rooney kool aid. He has not articulated one single idea one in 6 months.
He consistently said he did not know about anything and would wait until he was in office to learn.
Rooney is a buffoon who is so self absorbed he actually believes all he has to do is keep spending money and he will win.

Anonymous said...

Mr Kool-Aid, Not only will Kevin do just fine election day, but he will continue to serve the 101st as superbly as he has in the past.

If Rooney wants to serve the people, tell him to start on his town board, Legislature or even as Supervisor to get the feel of what it's like to work for everyone's best interest. If that is still a big leap, try the School or Library Board.

Meanwhile, Kevin can continue as our servant in the Assembly.