Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Here would be the typical Republican Tea Party home in Kingston. With the standard barer Carl Paladino mixed in with the rest of the like minded candidates. Candidates like Phillips, Rooney, Tantillo, Goodwin and Bruhn all clumped together like a happy family.

I don't know how many, if any of "Team Paladino" will make it this November, but at least we know where they all stand on some of the pending social issues in New York state. Thank you Carl for making their message clear this fall.


Anonymous said...

Some people like you can put up a picture like this and assume it is some uneducated, redneck, tea bagger, hick that doesn't even take care of his house.

Or it could be some poor guy, killing himself working three jobs, struggling to put food on the table. All so you and your democrat friends in the city of Kingston can rape him on his taxes in Kingston even more so that you can give the money away to unions and others you deem worthy. And he continues to be screwed by the establishment in Albany and Washington taking his money and giving it away to their friends all the while flying around the country eating, drinking and partying on the taxpayers and big lobbyists dime.

Then when he does one of the few things he can to attempt to fight back, he is ridiculed by the ignorant politician that is supposed to represent him.

Great job LEGISLATOR, you are a credit to the rest of the thieves you serve with.

Anonymous said...

Bryan Fischer of Focal Point Radio, a conservative talk radio station, put it out there the other day that any candidate that doesn't stand up with Carl Paladino is a fraud and "Nancy-Boy".

I think it's fair to say, having seen everyone in the Freeman video of Carl's visit to Kingston, that all of the local GOP candidates have signed on to his rhetoric.

If Greg Ball and Marcus Molinaro can step away from his hurtful campaign message, so could those we see in his Tuesday afternoon entourage.

Anonymous said...

Hey not so fast! Palladino owned at least two gay bars. I think this whole social conservative banner is just a cover-up. This guy might be able to make the Governor's mansion into the sleaziest joint in town. I bet his social life could turn the gay lifestyle into the most wholesome one any Republican could hope for.

Anonymous said...

4:50 just proved that he's an uneducated redneck teabagger hick! Unless the post he/she wrote was satire. Then of course I apologize.

Anonymous said...

To assume that just because an individual has a collection of republican signs on the lawn that Republicans are of the same mind of Paladino is very presumptive of you. Of course that same could be said of democrats who have signs in clumps about the city. I find your statement offensive.I had always thought you were above that. You can find signs around town that have republican and democrats on the same lawn. If you judge the mood of the populace most want incumbents out and in this case most of them are democrats!

Mike Madsen said...

Hey 450: I never spoke of anyone's education, occupation or used the TeaBag reference. The Delaware Republicans used the term "Hicky" for their local yocal TV ad last week. So I don't know where you atribute this to me, but OK.

As to the house...It's on the Boulevard. Although the owner has been a real pain to most of his immediate neighbors, he is entitled to his own actions.

As far as taxes and working two jobs, you know what I will say about the handling of the economy, banks and trade agreements during the last administration, so I'll save myself the typing.

And finally, I have to say, regardless of affiliation, those of us who serve in the Legislature do our very best to get the most for every tax dollar that we can while keeping the tax rate down and maintaining the quality of life that everyone deserves.

When I stumble upon a great crop of like minded Republican lawn signs for a controversial Blog post, it just begs to be photographed. If the owner wasn't proud of the signs, they wouldn't be in the lawn, just as if the other candidates weren't proud of what Paladino has been spewing in recent weeks, they'd steer clear of him when he makes his appearances in the region.

And 6:24, you are right about Fischer and the rest of the Rush/Hannity crowd. They've made it quite clear that if you don't agree with Carl, you're a wimp. I rather like the notion that such fans should be proud and stick together. Let us see what they really stand for. It would be refreshing.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mike, I have always thought you to be a good representative. But I can't go with you on this one. What if someone put a blog up with a pic of a handful of Democrat signs in front. And that house happened to have a Mexican Flag in the Window or was known for having two homosexual men living there. And the blog cited this as the "typical" Democrat supporter. They would be crucified, probably with you leading the charge.

This post is no different than Paladino's ignorant comments. Bigotry is Bigotry, even if it is against Republicans.Your comments are disgraceful, especially for the office that you hold.

Anonymous said...

hear hear 4:50 i agree compleatly,i am a testament of certain democratic theifs ripping my busisness off for several thousnd dollars and all their democratic friends that surround them dont denounce the behaviour.It is clear to me certain democratic hopefulls who surround themselves with that type of retoric,are hypocrites.right mike

Anonymous said...

Its true that being PC has hidden what was once a transparent point of view for most people. Carl and some of the talk show hosts have made steps back to speaking frank with people. Where I would normally be supportive of straight talk in this election cycle, the words I'm hearing frighten me.

Unlike those you mentioned in the post, I haven't heard any of the other local candidates denounce the Paladino comments of late.
It's not wrong to point this out on a Blog during the campaign either. However, It's going to be weird to pass that house without thinking about this for years to come.

Anonymous said...

Quite frankly, I am much more interested in hearing what the local candidates intend to do about the fact that I am out of work, and on food stamps. How they feel about someone elses lifestyle is of no interest until I have a job and can feed my family and pay my mortgage. Time to prioritize. The country and this county are going down the tubes, and you want to discuss gay issues? There will be plenty of time for that after all of us, gays and straights alike, have jobs.

Anonymous said...

Looks like a siding job might be created here. As for fingering this one house, it seems plenty of other rundown buildings with right-wing political signs on them could easily take this ones place. How about some businesses we could all boycott?

Anonymous said...

8:29-The Democrats are proud of their ability to eat their own when it comes to corrupt politicians within their ranks. Call them on it whenever possible. I'm a Democrat that feels corruption like that warrants ostracizing, even when the alternative seems worse. These blogs are great for policing crooks. Name them and watch them squirm. I've got many "Democrats" I'd like to see get the boot and I've made no secret of who they are. The Lonsteins top the list in my area. It's time to lead by example and earn the moral high ground.

Anonymous said...

Mike, people in glass houses should not throw stones! Hmmmmmm??
I remember your comment about Schneiderman. You printed the article.You were not a fan because of some of his questionable antics but you stated that you would support him because of him being a democrat. How is that any different with the republican signs on that person's house? He is going with the party line just like you did.

Anonymous said...

Mike, your comments here are disappointing and unfortunate. I am surprised you would single out someone and post a photo of their home on your website for dissenting views.

Everybody has a right to their respective opinions and views.

On the political spectrum (as in everything in life) too much of anything is bad for you.

The far left and the far right are in fact one and the same in politics.

Look at what your post has inspired--more partisan bickering, animosity, hatred, disgust. How about stirring the public to action on the real issues? Unemployment, attracting industry and jobs, crime prevention, improving our school system. A grass roots effort is desperately needed here. However, all our public servants get caught up in ineffectual and spiteful fighting.

Let's put egos and personal agendas aside and concentrate on the real issues affecting Ulster County and Kingston. We are getting nowhere with throwing jabs and insults.

Anonymous said...

I am amazed that you publish so many comments that argue against you. You let people have their say on the blog you manage. Obviously you've hit a nerve with this one and from the looks of it, sparked some people to write in. At least yours has an authorship we know, unlike some if the wildly partisan blogs out there.
Agree or not, keep up the good work.

Mike Madsen said...

11:39...If you read past posts in my archive, you'll see my statement on Schneidermann. If you have issue with a candidate of your own party, you may promote anyone you want and vote how you wish. But as a committeeman for a party, you are not to work for the opposition.
I have not engaged in the AG race since the primary.

3:14...You'll be happy to know that Phillips made the announcement a few days ago that he agrees with all of Paladino's recent statements and is behind him 100% for Governor. This is nolonger an issue of "Guilt by association" but rather just guilt. This really is a running theme in the GOP this year.
This lawn was just an example that I happened upon. How their negativity and anti equality stance will help get jobs and make our neighborhoods safe is beyond me.

And 8:58...I have made it a policy that , Unless their is foul language and/or libel slander, they comments should be published even when they beat me up.

Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

so mike, will you have a Schneiderman poster on your lawn? After all, you are a committee man for the democratic party as you have stated? By displaying his sign you are endorsing him and his questionable background. Just like the poor schmuck's house you posted on this blog.