Sunday, October 24, 2010


Freeman reporter Kyle Wind did a detailed report on the possibility of the Kingston school district investing in additional land in the near future. Notably; the almost vacant Army Reserve Center on Flatbush Avenue is being looked at for storage.
As noted in the article: The district currently leases warehouse space at 918 Ulster Ave. in the town of Ulster, and voters in February 2009 approved a five-year extension of that arrangement, with the rental price being lowered from $5.50 to $4 per square foot, creating a $187,480 savings over the life of the lease.

Board President James Shaughnessy said the district will explore buying the building from the federal government now that the facility is moving operations to Saugerties and suspects they might sell it to the school district cheap.

My suggestion? I think the City of Kingston should consider purchasing the property and moving the DPW operations to the site. The postage Stamp piece of property on Prince Street is congestive and the current buildings are in need of repair. Why not relocate to a more conducive location with room to expand?
All the offices could be at ground level and the front lawn could be morphed into visitor parking. The options are limitless. Once out of the old space, the city could offer the old lot for any number of businesses that need room to grow. Thus, putting it back on the tax rolls. [commercial rate]
I mentioned this to the Mayor when the word got out about the Saugerties development. There was some grumbling at the time about too far off into the future, but here it is. The time is now. We haven't done the repairs on the current buildings that we discussed back then. So, let's jump at it before the overextended school board decides to pursue the purchase.

Thanks Kyle for getting this out there.


Anonymous said...

I think there is enough room on flatbush to keep all vehicles and equipment in one spot and make it easier to inventory and keep track of,relocating is not a bad idea if we can do it

Paying Attention for a long time said...

Mike, not for nothing, but that ws suppose to be what happened, so what happened?

Freeman Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hinchey spokesman Jeff Lieberson added the U.S. Department of Defense's Base Realignment and Closure Commission will work with Kingston officials to determine local areas of need and eventually turn the current building over to the city or a nonprofit organization.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we try to put this property back ON the tax roles instead of having two non tax paying entities fight over it? After Colony liquor will soon be vacant too.

Anonymous said...

your idea while a nice one is not one I would consider.

The school district should buy the property and stop paying a lease.

DPW is fine where they are.

By the way, with all the issues of the County why not stick to County issues. Your blog, lately, is anything but County issues.

Anonymous said...

I agree this should be put back on the taxes rolls. To grow our tax base, not the non-profit base.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the DPW could paint the Grand Street side of their existing HQ - before Block by Block writes them up?

Anonymous said...

if the school system decides to shut down a school,that vacant school should be used for offices instead of paying rent,they are taxing us worse than the city and getting away with it,if the city can get that building it would have room for every thing in one spot,open up prince st.for better traffic and put the empty buildings on the market,sell them cheap just to move them,then use the money to offset taxes

Anonymous said...

The School Board was told about the availability of the Reserve Center but the "swamp" buyers had to rush to sign a lease with their favored landlords - this guy is now the $ 100 million reno man at the Broadway site.