Friday, October 08, 2010


During my tour of upstate New York last month, I had the pleasure of meeting  the State Senate candidate for the 59th district Cynthia Appleton. Sharp as a tack andarmed with a quick wit, Cynthia was easy to talk to and on top of the issues that haunt western New York State.

Having been represented by Dale Volker since 1975, the 59th is looking for new leadership and from what I've gathered there are I think two or three other candidates in the race. One Republican, one Conservative and one from the Tea Party.

The district is 60% right of center, so under normal circumstances, it would be a tough sell for the district. Having three others splitting the opposing votes,the better candidate may get her shot this time. The district includes Erie, Wyoming, Livingston and Ontario Counties. Above is a picture of Main Street Warsaw, NY taken from the HQ sidewalk. Its no different than any other small town intersection.

Cynthis is also running while there is a big push to elect more women to state offices which is why I was thrilled to see this short clip from the NY Uprising Campaign...

With a four hour ride to Albany from her home, It might be best to have staff that live closer to the office. I think most of the long distance representatives do. It was great meeting her and I wish her well on November 2nd.

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