Sunday, October 31, 2010



Anonymous said...

OUCH. Direct and to the point. I like it. Almost cant wait to get out there tomorrow morning and vote.

Democrats have traditionally attempted to sway voters with policy and details. People don't want details, they want a jingle with pictures. This is where the GOP has done well, don't count on people thinking, just throw in a catch phrase and you're off.
It's late, but the snappy ad may get the point across.

Anonymous said...

So true. Democrats can mired in details when the public needs a clear conscise message. ie. $300 billion within the stimulus went to tax cuts. The vast majority of the money went to infrastructure and preserving the jobs of teachers, police and firemen. What's wrong with that?

NS said...

Hey Mike... Check out the music video I just discovered... It is awesome. NS ["Flinging Towards the Sun"]