Thursday, October 07, 2010


If you look at the THR online or pick it up Thursday, you'll read the piece Adam Bosch did on the capture of the escaped killer in southern Ulster County: 

Police have arrested the 25-year-old man who they say killed a security guard Wednesday morning at a drug and alcohol rehab center near Ellenville.

Police surrounded and raided a house at 374 Ulster Heights Road about 6:15 p.m. Sources at the scene said tactical officers broke the windows and stormed the house. 

They came out with Richard N. Giga, who had been on the run since 3 a.m.

While having dinner at the Olympic Diner in Ulster, a small group of heroes were seated next to Len, Terry, Susan and I. After searching the neighborhoods and wooded areas around Ulster County for the last 18 hours, these guys deserved our thanks. Thats exactly what we did and then proceeded to buy their dinners.

When you meet the men and women who step up in a time of crisis as these fellas have, make the effort to thank them for all they do.

And Adam...thanks for posting and tweeting that Giga had been captured.


Anonymous said...

Uh, they spent all that time searching for a guy that ran only a couple hundred feet into an empty building. They tried desperately to find evidence of a break-in at a house nearby unsuccessfully to cover this up. But this issue isn't the real one that needs attention. The root cause of the vast number of attractive nuisances that dot the town of Wawarsing needs to be dealt with. For decades a local crime family used the town hall as a cover for their extortion rackets. The town planning board colluded with the building department to harass property owners and shake them down. The only people that were exempt were those that were willing to refuse paying and threaten criminal prosecution. I'm certain this practice still goes on here and many other towns. The current building inspector Mrs. Coleman was a key point person for this criminal activity. Just recently when confronted she claimed she didn't remember anything and then conceded that the planning board made her do it. She currently co-owns a construction company that does business within her jurisdiction. It's time you legislators step up and pass conflict of interest policies to curb this abuse. Then there won't be any empty buildings to facilitate fugitives and 85 cops spending countless dollars will be spared. Joe Steockeler can confirm this. So can Herb Kaplan. It's time to get organized crime out of our local governments.

Anonymous said...

Ignoring the political hyperbole from 8:21 for a minute, I'd like to say "Job Well Done" to our Sheriff and all ohis department and local departments that helped in the search. The coordinated effort should be commended.

Maybe it would be wise to have the Legislature offer an award to all who participated in the capture of this dangerous scum. Something to think about.

As for 8:21...Why pick a positive Blog article to spill your dribble and accusations? Surely your words would be acted upon if they had merit or you informed the right people. Just not here and now.

Anonymous said...

Calling this "politcal hyperbole" is the equivalent of Distel's claim that incidences like this "aren't a problem." Dribble? Let's let the voting public decide.

Anonymous said...

2-35 Which party is the organized crime party? You seem to know. And isn't the the building department apolitical? Wouldn't it be corrupt if an official violated conflict of interest policies?

Anonymous said...

The family most referred to around here as the local crime family is the Lonsteins. The town judge ran as both Republican and Democrat. So if it's a political corruption issue as the second poster claimed it would be both major parties. "Hyperbole" just shows the second poster is pretty guilty.