Friday, October 22, 2010


It's always greener on the other side of the fence. For Ulster County Republican Legislators; the classic metaphor is correct.

With all that we could be debating to make life better for Ulster residents, the body decided to dive into what is green and what standard to use when deciding the level of greenness. Yes, I really did type that.

The Republicans, after two months of committee discussions on the green Products Legislation, came out during caucus with the sudden worry that there might be a slight increase in the cost of purchasing "Green" cleansers and non-VOC paints and solvents. 

I just shake my head in dismay when I hear about the sudden care about costs when the same group overspent millions during the Jail Construction Project. Facing a 0% increase in the 2011 budget and having no other issues to hype up, our possible "green products" legislation will linger in committee until who knows when. This could be a signal of what's to come during the budget process.

Meanwhile, almost half of the products the County departments use are "green" according to Green Seal standards, the largest environmental certifier in the country.

It was well established prior to the meeting by Rob Parete, D-Stone Ridge, that the cost impact would be very minimal. When compared to using paints and coatings without chemical compounds that can affect the environment and human health, I'd jump on the chance to dictate a purchasing change. Understand that we would still permit the departments to deplete their current stock of what they had rather than replace it.

I thank Michael Novinson for his report in the Record.

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