Wednesday, October 06, 2010


One of the worst offenders on Broadway in Kingston had to be the HONDA dealership at the corner of Elmendorf Street.
That neglected parking lot and dilapidated office building were the focus of many neighborhood meeting and until this week, many thought it would never get cleaned up.

Our wish has come true. If you go by the site today, you will see a big change at the corner. The building has been removed and the sign no-longer has broken HONDA lettering on display for all to see. 

 Could someone be planning to build something? Perhaps. Hopefully a traditional storefront at the sidewalk like the rest of the commercial district. But if not, at-least this eyesore will be less of a symbol for the economic stress in Kingston. 


Anonymous said...

Just how the whole City looks dirty and run down.

Anonymous said...

I thought the midtown had design guidelines in place. If so, who can we count on to adhere to that fact? It seems like it is enforced haphazardly. Planning board, are you listening?

Tom Hoffay said...

Actually, this was targeted in the block by block sweep of KFD. The owners of the convenience store on the other corner of Elmendorf and the Honda lot have both made efforts to visually improve their properties. A residence next to the lot has been rehabbed and the Elemendorf St. bridge has been repaired by Youthbuild. There's still a long way to go...but if you compare this block with how it looked a year or so ago, you see a significant improvement.