Sunday, October 17, 2010


I was impressed with their performance this Wednesday.Until I saw that they were coming to UPAC, I hadnt thought much about their recording history, so I checked out YouTube and the P2P programs and found hits I knew but didnt realize who did them. There must be a dozen chart toppers from these guys.

The evening opened with the Spill Canvas, (above) a younger band out of South Dakota. They did well as you'd expect if you were opening for a popular band on the tour. Keep in mind, I was relegated to my i4 for these pictures which don't translate well at a concert. (below signing programs)
The Goo Goo Dolls did not disappoint. Their repertoire jumped from their smash hits to early favorites with a sprinkling of new numbers from the their latest release Something For the Rest Of Us. Rzeznik and Takac still play off each other well on stage although the sound guys have to clean up the vocals a bit. 
I tweeted just before the band came out that I found the packed audience to be diverse in age; Youngsters and Parents, but noticeably lacking in non-white fans. Perhaps just the genre?  Anyway, UPAC once again proved to be a venue that continues to bring great talent to Kingston while increasing the much needed tourism and sales tax revenue for the city. Thank you Chris Silva and company.

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Don B said...


Goo GOO Dolls,, too loud & rowdy for mature folks,,

Ya shoulda been @ Gill's Farm for Levon's ramble yesterday -

THAT is music -

FEH on da rest, bro,

LEVON HELM ROCKED Ulster County,,,


John Gill's Corn Chowder the best anywhere, !!!

Rock Local Feed a Local Musician

Da Don