Sunday, October 17, 2010


I get such a kick out of the Republicans claiming the super wealthy need the continued tax break they have enjoyed for so many years. Evidence shows that every dollar they dont pay in, goes right to their bank accounts; not back into some imagined re-investment into our US economy.

Did you think they would run out and buy another super yacht? They already have three. It looks like the middle class has totally succumbed to the noise machine resembling a modern version of Stockholm Syndrome. Advocating policies that would undermine their very economical survival means the brainwashing of our working class has been successful.

One year of tax break repeal for the top 3% would clean up our little debt problem. Maybe closing the loophole for corporations that send needed jobs offshore could be a good start. Limiting foreign money invested in our US Chamber to non-political use could be another discussion. None of these are permitted in our public discourse. So forget it.

95% of those who pay Federal taxes got a tax break last year. The sad news is most of us earning less than $250K/year will be asked to pay a lower percentage again this year. Sorry kids.

If corporations were as powerful during this country's founding, America would be a very different place. The cartoon above isn't that far off.


Anonymous said...

The GOP has a particular narrative that they've pounded us with for this election. Despite the fact that my small business got its first TAX CUT this year under Obama (never once did I get a tax break under W) and despite the fact that the US deficit is lower this year than last, the GOP has already SEALED THE DEAL.
Their narrative is already in place. The meme that the Dems are bad for America has been sprayed into the airwaves.

And the Dems still have no idea how to frame an argument or disseminate a meme.

Consequently, with the GOP running the dialog and the Dems so feckless that they can't understand how to start or run a meme, REALITY is lost on a national scale.

This is caused by several problems: a grossly undereducated voting population, lack of understanding about how our federal gov't works, the GOP outsourcing jobs, and now foreign money purchasing our so-called elected officials.

You can kiss the US goodbye in no more than 10 years at this rate.

Anonymous said...

That is why it is critically important to vote Row E-WFP. Give the Dems a little backbone by showing a large number of people really care about regular people. Too many have been running into the laps of corporate hogs for too long, and now they are trying to figure out why their largely working class base is not inspired enough to vote... Send them a message not by staying home, vote Row E.
Jen Fuentes

Anonymous said...

I think these republicans actually believe they're all filthy rich in some bizarre escapist delusion. Maybe someone ought to hire a pollster to find out which prescription drug is behind this fantasy world they live in. They simply can't function with the kind of educational deficit required to swallow this stuff!

Anonymous said...

Michael, this is a bad case of bait and switch. The tax increase will be for everyone earning $250K or more. Although $250K sounds like a lot of money, many small business owners and entrepeneurs are included in this group. It is totally disingenuous of you to consider these people "super wealthy", and billionaires. No one would object to the super wealthy paying a higher tax bite, but the one proposed includes many people who are hard working successful small business people who create most of the jobs. PS: we have lost 8 million jobs since our employment high in 2007.This is no time to be puniching the job creators.

Anonymous said...

Voting WFP sounds good but would take votes away from the Dems... making the extremist Right Wing og the GOP (very vocal and influential even when they sound insane...) that much more powerful.

So... what do ya' do?

You definitely have a grip on the situation (or at least the same perspective I have) Mike.

Thanks for your honesty, which appears to be extremely rare (nowadays...) indeed.

Folks should really look up "stockholm syndrome..."

I know it well, and beating the script [A large scale educational forum on this very topic would be AWESOME!] is far from easy. if not impossible :(

Anonymous said...

Something mike couldhave included in his article is the actual difference in tax percentages we ae talking about.
When you get up to this level of the sliding scale of taxation, it's about 36% vs 39%. The cut that seems so focused on higher income was 3%.

The part that the Dems have trouble articulating is that even for those making $300 and up will be asked to pay 39% on the income above the $250 threshold. This is what the Republicans have turned into the most potent weapon in the hopes of flipping the House. It's working.
So long as noone articulates this unavoidable fact before the midterms.
I'm impressed with the GOP for a job well done painting the Dems the way they have.


Anonymous said...

9:49 the Votes from WFP line get added to the total of the Dem candidates total votes. It's called fusion voting.

Anonymous said...

Small businesses that are claiming above $250k are the irresponsible ones that are taking profit over building up their businesses. These are the ones not creating jobs, not buying new equipment, and not buying advertising. Punishment for leeching like that is long overdue. Greed is the only motivator here. Greedy little pigs that hoard their money instead of growing their businesses are decidedly small businesspeople.

Anonymous said...

8:13. This is America and capitalism is here. To say that a business has to give back to the community in order to be part of the natural order of things is a socialist thought. That is the owner's business of how he wants to run his business and keeping his profits is his right. Kudos to him if he decides to give back to his community but that is his decision to make. Not the government.
It shows the democratic ideology for entitlement. You work for profits therefore I get it too!
Did you ever think that your train of thought is the reason businesses are leaving New York? Or why we are having an economic crisis in Ulster County. Do you really think that if the solar industries become really successful here in Ulster County( and I am really hoping the hype is true) that they are going to lay over and play dead and give all the money back to the government? Yeah, right...

Anonymous said...

11:25-Nobody is talking about "giving back to their community" except you. Your claim of socialism is fraudulent. Successful businesses grow. That is capitalism. Milking a business for personal profit with no capitalist agenda whatsoever is what I'm against. Either run a business or go under. These so-called small businesses are just hobbies if they're affected by this tax change. Obviously you have no business background.

Anonymous said...

There are way too many businesses in red America that are failing to follow capitalist rules and cash in on the tax code developed specifically to make them rich. What's poisoning these people?