Saturday, January 03, 2009


For those of you who witnessed the Hein/Auerbach event Thursday afternoon, know how the print media falls short on expressing the excitement at the County Court House.

The papers went into detail enough to quantify their reason for covering the carnival like atmosphere, but we know you could almost reach out and touch the joy, it was so palpable.

Starting with words of wisdom from Rev James Childs Jr, the ceremony commenced with the swearing-in and expected stand-up routine from Elliott Auerbach. It is rare, even shocking, when you find an elected official who is fun to listen to, while offering a sense of confidence in the choice we've made.

Elliott has the ability to bring out the better in people, as they embark on any job he asks of them. I expect no less during his time as our first U C Comptroller.

We were then delighted to hear from Legislator Al Lomita, Congressman Maurice Hinchey and US Senator Chuck Schumer, as they highlighted the significance of the historic operating shift in County Government, exemplified by the landslide election of our first County Executive.

The presence of Sen Schumer himself would be enough to anyone on New Years Day, to show just how terrific this day is for Ulster County. He could have been anywhere in New York State. He was here in Kingston.

I dont have to type into great lengths about how thrilled I am that Michael Hein is our first County Executive. You've heard such jubilation from so many before me, but I have to tell you, what I said about print having shortcomings when describing the electric in the air, as he took his Oath of Office and the room erupted with tearful cheers...I mean it. You had to be there to feel it.

His speach was printed for all to see in the Freeman on Friday, so you know of what I reflect on when the memories cycle in my head, but the experience of that moment as it occured, will rest in the minds of a select few two hundred lucky people.

I have to mention that all the candidates who ran locally in 2008, showed integrity and good will toward each other. That in itself, was worth noting, after suffering 18 months of mud slinging on the national level.

Having won; Michael and Elliott have been given this chance to really make a striking difference in the way Ulster County Government operates, and just like in the White House, have the opportunity to restore the good name of the constituency they serve.

Congratulations everyone, and safe journey through 2009!


Anonymous said...

Its going to be a bumpy ride regardless of who is running the County. Our best effort in steering through this rough time is having the best captain.

Mike Hein was and IS our safest bet. I think we did good people. But we all have to participate in the re-thinking process. Expenses in the home are no different than in government so we know what is about to happen in our municipalities.

Best of luck to Mike, Elliott and the whole county as we fight through 2009.

Anonymous said...

Pass the Kool-Aid, Mike,

Some of us have severe doubts about Hein's ability to govern non-partisan wise,

I know you are a dem, but c'mon,, Elliott is a nice guy& funny, but, ???? - no chutzpah to stand up to the free spend & tax gang.

With those powers behind the throne,,, we quake in fear of the shoe dropping,, it will drop on US !!!

Anonymous said...

The "free spend and tax gang" did wonders with the exodus of IBM in the 90s and the Jail fiasco a few years back.

Some of you with an anti-democrat agenda will ignore the decades of tax dollar squandering that UC Residents tolerated with no recourse but replace one thief with another.

I would suggest letting the new leadership operate for more than 2 years to straighten out the mismanagement from Legislatures past.

Mike Madsen said...

hey 11:34...I wouldn't have worked for the Democratic candidates if I didn't trust they were up to the job.

Sure, I worked for the Delarose campaign and he didn't make it, but the coordinated effort on our part helped get Elliott and Frank over the top. I have no regrets.

I have never been a fan of Tom Kirwin and I didn't feel Quigley understood the job description.

Getting Skartados, Hein and Auerbach material out there in the southern reaches of the county was a joy and I'd do it again.