Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I think everyone in the thinking world is thrilled that American voters reached a milestone last November and chose a person most qualified for the Presidency regardless of family history and skin color.

Barack Obama represents a portion of America that is often forgotten in our country. Those among us who are born of mixed couples. Brought up in loving homes next door, going to the same churches, schools and Laundromats.

What matters is the qualification, the vision and our trust that he or she can steer our country to better times.

Taking Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and so many other equally qualified people with him to do the work of the people, is a very good first impression. I am expecting a long hard road ahead of us, but a road with a sense of hope. I know, sounds like Obama's campaign theme, but after the many years of deception, unfettered spending, and arrogance in th White House, I am willing to be gentle with the first year of this administration. We all know, much has to be done before we see evidence of a renewed prosperity here and abroad.

There will be a big screen showing of the mid day event at the BridgeWater on Abeel Street in Kingston. There are thousands of private house parties across the country.
There will also be celebrations later tonight. The Muddy Cup on Broadway, and Keegan Ales Brewry [both in midtown]

All the other Innaugural events for just about all the other local, state and federal positions have been well attended. From the looks of the Washington Mall on my TV, this one is a record breaker. Even with limited view, people have travelled across the country to experience this historic moment with a large crowd in DC. Good for them.

Me? I'll be with friends at Amee's house.


Mike Madsen said...

Yes, I took a few BLOG days off.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you. Mike.
The country needed this Nov - Jan period to really get it in our heads just how different things are and will be.
The media doesn't focus much on the mixed couple status of Obama's parents as much as they should, but harp on the black only significance. Which is fine.

As for our own local experience? My sister had children with two different fathers and brings diversity right into our own home. We get to see the beauty of the blending of humanities many attributes in real-time.

Anonymous said...

And his parents wern't politicians