Friday, January 02, 2009


If New Years Day gives us any indication as to
how 2009 will go for Ulster County, I think we will do just fine.

For many of us, January first is considered "the Day After". For many others it is a day of ceremony.

Had you been witness to the swearing in of Kingston's newest Alderman, Tom Hoffay, you would have met the man grinning ear to ear, as Judge Jim Gilpatric
offered his services on this great day.
Tom, who was appointed to fill the vacant seat left by our friend Jen Ringwood, went through the process of a special election for Alderman. He won handily and thus becomes the representative of Ward 2 through the voice of the people.

Welcome Alderman Hoffay, and may you continue to work like a madman on the issues we face everyday.

I shouldn't have to remind anyone locally, that Tom was as instrumental in the Council budget for 2009 as any of the rest of us, and thus deserves equal praise for the taxpayer friendly document we offered. Tom, you really did experience a baptism by fire, since this is the year we saw the bottom fall out of the US economy.

As the year progresses, there will numerous postings about the workings of City Hall and the characters who make us crazy. I can only hope that you find these insider perspective anecdotes on my blog entertaining enough to check in and have a laugh or cry.

More on the County tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Tom!
Looks like the Judge had a abusy schedule yesterday.
best to all- for a happy healthy and prosperous New Year- 2009

Anonymous said...

Are you ready for this? KINGSTON? Mr. Hoffay? I'm runnning for your ward 2 job. I will put kingston on the map. Again.

The unemployed candidate.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Tom! Happy New Year!

A silly poem for you and Mike, if Mike chooses to print it... (Lol, Tom always said he liked my writing...)

First though, did you ever see the Dr. Suess cartoon (I think it might have been "Horton Hears a Who") --- where the elephant sits on the eggs --- and meanders about singing a goofy (pretty nifty actually) song?

Think about it...

"Winging It" (Subtitle: Suess, Bush, Cheney and Me...)

Tried to fly too high
Eggs tucked under
the big butt
of a Suess elephant
that resented the job
Even whilst singing 'la de daa'
and wishing me well
Or was that Hel*?
'Tis hard to tell...

Broke one wing
Lost my song
And the well is deep
with slippery walls

Did mama call?
Did mama see me try
to fly?
Is pride worth the price?
Fleeting though it
might be?

Or is it better
to be shi* on
by an

[Called and read this poem to mom by the way... She loved it!)


Congrats again!

Keep it on the silly side!


Anonymous said...

Just letting you know that is up (new design / modified) and running again! N.

Anonymous said...

Hoffay and Reynolds have let labor down again. They let the rec leaders position go without a fight. The common council voted to restore the position to part time and the Pig Mayor said I don't care what the council says I'm not doing it. We need a City Manager. Sottile and the council cannot get along and are ruining our city.

Anonymous said...

How can the Mayor lay off an employee who the council funded. Mike what gives the council overrides his veto just to have him do what ever he wants. Maybe Cahill's story obout the deal for the Edwards woman is true.

Anonymous said...

Soon Hoffay's background will come out and he will be out of Office then.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to The Alderman on his swearing in; sorry I couldn't make it, but I'll be sure to catch it from the front row in Jan. 2011.

One of my New Year's Resolutions: Follow more closely the Kingston Progressive!

Best wishes for the New Year Alderman M.,

Jon Sennett

Anonymous said...

I'd be interested in this 'past' that is eluded to on an ongoing fashion. What is that all about?

Anonymous said...

Well...if Tom Hoffay is the Knight in Shining Armor...among those who haven't done a thing on the KHA board except warm a seat and maybe fart a bit...well ok wear an earring and shine a bit...well whooptee-doo. Mr. Building Moratorium. He is in by default because Ward 2 only has a perennial Harold Stassen and exposed lunatic to run, and Richters was forced out of his bid by strongarm tactics by Sottile when he ran, forced out by Ms. Community USA herself, who turned out to be a bit of a loon herself. I hope Syracuse can take the latest installment of her road act, frankly. Although as a truly lunatic Federal Judge, appointed by Bush I named Scullin resides there...somehow I think she might turn up totally normal there-- relatively speaking!!
Kingston can thank its lucky stars it remains soooo like itself, for the alternative would be to actually improve, and God help us if we managed that!!