Monday, January 12, 2009


In response to the flack that Obama has gotten from equal rights advocates for his Rick Warren Inaugural Invocation, he has asked Bishop Gene Robinson, the openly gay Episcopal bishop to deliver the invocation at a kickoff inaugural event on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, two days before the inauguration itself.

Robinson is the first openly gay bishop in the Episcopal Church. His consecration in 2003 set off a firestorm in that church’s parent body, the Anglican Communion.

Will his inclusion in the inaugural events heal some of the pain that Mr. Warren’s selection has caused?

Robinson told the AP: “They called up and said this has actually been in the works for a long time and that they understand that people in the LGBT community have been somewhat wounded by the Warren selection. It’s their hope that my selection will go a long way to heal those divides.”

I only saw this in the news links yesterday, while the transition team had this in the works for several weeks.

The event is on Sunday, January 18th. This is the first day of formal inaugural festivities in DC. It will be broadcast live by HBO free so the masses who don’t have HBO can also watch it. Which of their many channels, I don't know.

Obama and Joe Biden are scheduled to be there and the event will have hours of entertainment to celebrate the day's significance.

Those of us who have heard of Bishop Robinson already know he is a world historical figure at this point. He is at the center of the Episcopal Church’s embrace of human equality and inclusion. Obama has made a very powerful statement by inviting him to open the three day procession.

I, for one, have already forgiven Obama for the Warren stumble. So this is a pleasant surprise for an already terrific maturation of America. [now if only I could talk to him about illegal immigration]

Enjoy the show everyone!


Anonymous said...

'Tis a very good thing...!

Anonymous said...

"Warren stumble?" You gotta be kidding me. This man dedicated a good deal of his life to serving gay folks and because he won't support gay marriage he is being targeted for this over-the-top vitriole. He is the ministerial equivalent of Dan Rather, but the gay community here is acting analagously to the right wingnuts over Dan Rather.
Rick Warren isn't POLICY!! That bears repeating:"Rick Warren isn't POLICY." Let the gay community focus on policy, not some personality. Rick Warren isn't the President either. The President will be someone named Obama--not "Warren." Let them focus on the financing of opposition to gay marriage from the Mormon Church. Let them focus on hate crimes and hate in general. But Rick Warren? It's good for some sound bytes on the news, but otherwise what is this worth?

Anonymous said...

Rick Warren leads a congregation that stipulates that Gay & Lesbian people are not permitted as members of the church.
Its posted on their website for heavens sake.

Warren is a symbol, like so many other prejudiced religious leaders before him, and his presence at the ceremony that ushers in a unifying fresh beginning in American politics, is a slap in the face to everyone who desires equal rights.