Friday, January 30, 2009


Late this week, the Iraqis' decided to boot Blackwater out of their country. Those of you who have read my posts over the year remember how wild I was when revelations into abuse of power and allegations of manslaughter were rampant in the news media.

It brought to light how these mercenaries operate and who they work for. Blackwater had guarded the diplomats for five years and compiled a perfect record of never having lost one to the violence there. I have to give them credit where it's due. But they also gained a reputation for being arrogant and quick to shoot. A very dangerous combination.

Iraqi Interior Ministry confirmed: They will not renew the licence of Blackwater Worldwide.I just read in the NY Times online that Blackwater's chances of a renewed contract is Nil, Nada, Zilch. So, of course embassy officials are scrambling to fill the gap in protection for our diplomats. There are other companies to chose from.

Iraqi officials and half the US population have been furious with the firm since a September 2007 shooting in which Blackwater guards opened fire in traffic, killing at least 14 unarmed Iraqi civilians. If you look up reports online, you'll find only one guard has pleaded guilty, while five others are awaiting trial.

Blackwater has always maintained that because they are not Military personnel, they are not beholden to the same international restrictions dictated by the Geneva Convention. However, these trigger-happy former military personnel wear an American flag on their shoulder while cruising the streets and protecting our representatives.

Through connections associated with the Bush Administration, Blackwater secured several multi-million dollar contracts and has such helped to divert funds to continue the efforts in Iraq without calling the funding a "War Expenditure". Also note: when Blackwater employees are killed or executed like the picture to your left, they are not counted as casualties thus keeping the U.S. losses down.

One of my friends always uses the term Republican World Domination when we discuss Blackwater. I just have to laugh as I slip this into the posting. Ironically, the close connection to former administration does lent itself to a certain demise as most favored Mercenaries. Im sure they'll survive, incase someone out there is worried about their employment status.

Here is that YOUtube video that we all remember from a few years ago.


Peter Mack said...


Coming from a military officer who served a one-year tour in Iraq, I agree with you. Certain companies with political ties became too arrogant and abused their power.

However, I see the same type of abuse of power with our current political leaders in Ulster County. I am a registered Democrat and can see the wave of popularity of the Democratic party after 8 years of heavy-handed Republican control.

However, that is NOT an excuse to...

1. Add several extra deputies to the county payroll, burdening the taxpayers.

2. Request a 650,000 dollar office renovation, burdening the taxpayers.

3. NOT set the example as a leader--this includes your personal affairs as well, which become visible to the public.

4. Forget that you work for and serve the people, NOT your friends and political bosses.

Perhaps I am an idealist at heart, but it still does not keep me from hoping that a politician will come along-Republican, Democrat, Independent, Green, WPF, Socialist, Communist, etc., whatever his/her party affiliation is--as long as they put their efforts toward the citizens under which they serve.

We are not off to a good start here in Ulster County, and the election glitter is fading quickly.

Here's to hoping our leaders get with the program and look at the community and the taxpayers--outside their ivory tower.

Mike Madsen said...

Peter, happy to have you make some points. Thankfully outside of the mishaps in the County building. Cant control what I cant control.

Your #3 point: of course, I only wish I weren't so boring and had the spare cash to do anything spectacular in public.
As far as party bosses? Wish I knew their names. Being outside of the "Inner Circle" looking in. Too bad for me. Someday they'll listen to me, but I'm still expendable around here.

Thanks for stopping in Peter.

Anonymous said...

As far as your post about Blackwater USA...


It is my opinion that there have been some very nasty snakes behind and under "that" moldy rock...

In addition to what you have already posted (plus some...) --- the fact that Blackwater USA "employees" (ahem) were paid so much more than our military personnel (Let the U.S. Military guard the embassies, etc.) - was very, very WRONG.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, i must dissent.

In these very dangerous times,, " Extremism in the defense of Liberty is no crime "

I would welcome 100 Blackwaters because they give the Islamo-terrorists pause. If these sicko terrorists know there will be swift retribution for thier crimes against humanity, maybe our Brave Men & Women might be safer over there in that HellHole of the Middle East.

Obama is turning into Neville Chamberlain very quickly - APPEASER

When you have the HAMMER - USE IT !!