Tuesday, January 20, 2009


That's right, you aren't dreaming. Tony Levin, our own local legend will be performing this Friday night at Keegan Ales Brewery on St James Street.

Tony, with his decades of session, live and studio work, brings it all home this weekend. For those who don't know his work, you can find his influence and performances with Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, King Crimson and dozens more, as well as his own delicious releases.

Do yourself a favor, alter your plans this for this Friday night and witness greatness in our own back yard. The intimate performance of Pat Metheny at the Coach House this past weekend will be tough to surpass, but since Pat and Tony know and admire each other, I'll say get to Keegan for your share of the local talent.

Tony Levin with Pat Mastelotto and Mike Bernier
Show starts at 8pm, get there earlier and sample the Mother's Milk.
$10 cover! Thats all!

Here is a cute video I found on YOUtube to prime you for the fun.


Anonymous said...

Pat Metheny's performance at the Coach House was phenomenal. KUDOs to the Kingston Land Trust for such a special treat for a good cause. Hats off to Larry too. Excellent performance. Glad you are a Kingston local too.

Bob Gillon said...


Also, Tony was the bass player for
John Lennon and Yoko One on 'Double

One of the best albums of all time.