Thursday, January 22, 2009


It's confirmed: Caroline Kennedy is out of the running for the open NY State Senate seat. She notified the Governor a few days ago, that she no longerseeks the job because of family issues. Does this open the race? Will Paterson rethink the options before him?

Lets consider who's left? The two most prominenet names out there are Andrew Cuomo and Kirsten Gillibrand. Both have been subjects on past Blog posts and both have had more experience than the others and both havbe been duely elected by all or some New Yorkers.

I can't lend support to someone who comes into this seat as a complete unknown. I have to apologise for the initial gushing over Kennedy though. Like so many others, the first thought of Caro
line, with her name, fundraising skills and connection to our new President did cause temporary blindness.

Now that her glow has faded and the thin resume' reviewed, I have to concede, she didnt have the tenacity or "junkyard dog" stubborness that I think New York needs in DC.

For those of you hoping for Kirsten to get the seat, her chances just got better. First, there are simple demographics: she's a woman from upstate New York and would balance the Democratic ticket in 2010.

Second, given that she's already in Washington, she would have a smoother transition than, say...Cuomo. Those who know her, think she has a close relationship with Hillary and could easily absorb much of her staff on Day One.

But, David Paterson said last week, that he is still considering AG Andrew Cuomo.

Paterson told Katie Couric on CBS that "He's a person that is the only current elected statewide official in New York, the rest of us came to our positions one way or the other. We won't rehash that. He has outstanding qualities and is someone I'm considering."

So, at this time of posting, I am in no better place to judge what Paterson is going to do than anyone else. Now that I am over the Camelot Intoxification, I think I would pick Andrew Cuomo.

What do you think?


Jeremiah said...

Another angle on things. Cuomo could also be huge competition against Patterson for Governor. Regardless of the fact that they are in the same party Cuomo would have a lot of support should he decide to challenge Patterson.

If Patterson appoints Cuomo it assures him his party's nomination for governor.

Anonymous said...

Mike: totally concurr with Jerimiah- It should prove interesting to see if Cuomo accepts- If so he could still run for Governor-
hey only 57 days til Spring- maybe KAPA will return in time for the first Robins- In any event- Relay For Life- kick off next Tuesday- Jan 27- at United Health Facilities- call Tina Eckard- 1800-ACS- 2345 for details and to register- find out who the 2009 Grand Marshall is ?
take care,
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

The intoxication faded when she spoke and we all got to see how slow she was. She was notified she wasn't getting it before the phony withdrawal. NY demands a fast thinking, fast talking candidate.

Anonymous said...

And the winner is...Gillibrand!