Thursday, January 15, 2009


Tell me that there is nothing wrong with this picture...
A police officer offers a sexual favor to a young woman in return for not issuing a trespassing ticket and the DA thinks this guy will serve no time in jail?

This is precisely the circumstance the DA looks for in order to put someone away for years. They work tirelessly case after case to paint an incriminating picture for the jury even when there is significant doubt, and now this?

This former Sheriffs Deputy, is expected to uphold the law and exemplify all that's honorable in law enforcement. I cant help but echo the sentiments I've heard since this story broke, in that if this were someone else, the DA would have a very different approach in handling the prosecution.

Jeffrey P. Geskie should be held to the same, if not a higher standard than everyone else. What he did was a felony. Lets pretend he is just one of many prior cases where the defendant wasn't a good buddy of half the Sheriffs Department.

All that keeps the public from completely losing their control, is that the age of sexual consent for both males and females is 17. She is not considered a minor, but to use your position of authority to coerce anyone into a lewd act for reward is disturbing none the less. What parent wouldn't want to string him up for this?

Geskie is to be sentenced on April 2. Lets hope Ulster County DA Holley Carnright can get Geskie some jail time as well as probation. I realise it is the job of Tommy Petro to argue against incarceration, but this is one time I'd like to see Tommy fail.

Sorry Tom.


Jeremiah said...

My understanding from the news is that the charge that he pled guilty to could carry a sentence of 2 1/2 to 5 years and the DA has asked for at least a year. I don't know why but the paper seems to think he won't get any time. Is this some type of deal????

Unfortunately if you look back through the paper over the last couple of years, this 10 years probation and no jail time seems to be the norm in sex abuse cases in Ulster County. I think it is a bunch of bull. These people need to be removed from society, I don't care what their profession was.

Anonymous said...

I am ashamed! What the hey is Carnright doing to ensure a proper time served? What did we hire him for? This is a clear case of authority abuse. Let see if there is any appearance of ethics in this department.

Anonymous said...


If you read the Freeman article, Carnright wants jail time. He is not the judge and can only argue for incarceration. It is up to the judge, weighing arguments from defense council and the victim's lawyer.

Sometimes deals are made to spare the victim from testifying.

Anonymous said...

Opinion: The guy definitely needs to do some jail-time!

If a young woman or a young male (or anyone else, for that matter) is not safe when contacting and/or being pulled over by a police officer...

We have [yes, we have...] sunk pretty darn low!


Anonymous said...

People....can you read??
The article, if correct...said....the girl and her family did not want her to testify....which is likely the only way this creep could do jail time.....they made a plea bargain to avoid her testimony. I sat in once on a grueling rape trial....and that gal went through much more than this victim. Why is she refusing/avoiding testifying? Don't blame the D. A. on this one!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey NS!

what happened to that "let's embrace our prisoners and crucify our law enforcement" mentality you always portray?

We should all be embracing this poor soul who strayed? Jail would be too inhumane and using Adolf Hitler tactics (isn't that what you said?) Didnt you say incarceration does no good?

Peace, love, humane, justice!


Anonymous said...

Please re-read N.S. comments. If you enter into an argument or discussion , you should quote or confront a person based on what they say, not your twisted interpretation.
Quadrant 007
Peace, Love, Humane{,}
The Great Soothsayer,
A Friend of N.S.

Anonymous said...


The following was copied and pasted from an earlier comment I made on this blog regarding jail time, etc.

If you are going to quote me, quote me right please!


"My idea is that folks with non-violent addiction-related offenses be mandated into treatment for their addictions...

And that violent offenders (addictive problems or no) be sentenced to time in "jail" and/or "prison" (as appropriate)...
where they are mandated into treatment for "thier" addictions / other issues --- AND be made to produce violence prevention packets or something of the sort...

I believe that people NEED to be held accountable for thier actions (and that the public at large NEEDS to be kept safe from violent offenders!)

What happens within the context of jails and prisons is what concerns me here, because it is my belief that traumatizing people does NO GOOD at all - for anyone."


That said, Skippy... why are you being so "nasty" (is that necessary?) in your response to me?

Please be clear on the fact that I helped put one child sex offender in jail - many years ago - and that (assisting, in a concrete manner in making the streets a bit safer for our children!) is something in my life (flawed system or no...) I am VERY VERY PROUD OF...


Please be clear on the fact that although I sign off on a lot of my posts with "peace, love and humane justice" [Quote me exactly, please! (No comma!) --- one should never, as the saying goes, "confuse kindness (which is an approach I try to take to life, but not a LAW...) with stupidity!

Do I like the punitive approach of the jail / prison system? No.

But the system isn't going to change overnight - and we have to work with what we have... even as some of us attempt to advocate for something that might be a little bit better...

In this case, I repeat (copied and pasted from up above):


"The guy definitely needs to do some jail-time!

If a young woman or a young male (or anyone else, for that matter) is not safe when contacting and/or being pulled over by a police officer...

We have [yes, we have...] sunk pretty darn low!"


Peace [A wish for a non-violent approach to life...]

Love (Or at least mutual respect...]

and Humane [KIND...]

Justice [Accountability; Fairness... "reward or penalty, as deserved" ("Webster's New World College Dictionary"; 4th Edition; p. 777]


Anonymous said...

N.S. and 007,

Yes, I used a stray comma--guilty as charged--100 lashes with a wet noodle for me!

My point is your comparison of Adolf Hitler with Sheriff Joe Arpaio--one man was an evil dictator who committed countless acts of inhumane, cruel, and vicious crimes against people and was one of the worst men in the history of the world.

The other man, Sheriff Arpaio is committed to upholding the law, making people accoutnable for their crimes, and making them work--jail should be no country club.

Look at Japan, Thailand, and France--severe punishment and lengthy terms for drug possession and use. Even more for distribution). Look at Perpignan Prison in France. While every society has its share of criminals, the threat of an unpleasant experience and life locked away from freedom and hard labor does have its effect on keeping most people on the right side of the law.

Many of our repeat offenders do not want to be rehabilitated (you can lead a horse to water...)--hence REPEAT offenders--while drug use in itself is not a heinous crime, it often leads one to commit worse offenses (domestic violence, murder, rape, etc.) in order to obtain more drugs. You all of people should know that there is plenty of free, dedicated help from professionals if they should seek it!

I commend this sheriff for making jail truly "hard time" instead of our criminals looking at the jail as Club Med!

Shame on you and Smitty for comparing a law enforcement official dedicated to keeping his county safe to an evil dictator. Honestly, where is the true comparison between a man who ran concentration camps, killed millions, and tortured so many more to this law abiding sheriff who upholds the law?

Peace (get to know it yourself)

Love (just what is your definition of love? Imagine if your child was sexually abused by a stranger)

Humane justice (don't talk out of both sides of your face)

If jail is not appropriate, what do we do? Send them to Club Med!


Anonymous said...


Did you see the peanut butter warning put out by NPR?


But seriously, I did not draw a likeness between the gent being discussed on this posting - and A. Hitler...

007 and I are NOT a two-headed monster...

And I'm wondering why you are so "intense" (for that of a better word) on this topic?

The post about the guy in Arizona that runs a prison camp where prisoners are made to work under the burning sun, whilst chained together and dressed in pin-stripe suits "appears" to be your real "bone of contention" --- but that was a bunch of posts ago --- and time has marched on --- apparently not changing your views on that topic --- or my own.

I don't approve of (and he could probably care less) what the sherriff in Arizona is doing... and I sure as heck don't think he should be made into a TV reality show "star" as a result of what he is doing...

It IS a thin line when we start glorifying cruelty --- and deciding who deserves cruel treatment (I don't believe in "cruel" treatment for anyone, but I do believe in accountability and consequences for one's actions) ---and who does not.

You mentioned a bunch of places, etc, in your post, so let me inform you [researched / documented / just ask...] of a few other things:

1. A 15-year-old girl - in a "boot camp" situation - was (here in America; for "punishment") tied to a van when she fell behind her group - and dragged... This group was called "Love Demonstrated..." There have been a number of similar cases, many resulting in death.

2. Experts in the U.S. estimated (within the last few years) that around 800,000 people, including about 400,000 women and children were being trafficked across US borders (right here in the homeland, my friend!) --- utilized in the sex trade --- tortured and sometimes killed...

3. There were reputedly well over 450 escaped prisoners "at large", as of Sept. 2007 - right here in the U.S., including approximately 150 in Cal.; 150 in NY and 150 in Tenn. [This also speaks of a flawed system, does it not?]

4. We are a technologically "developed" - wealthier (collectively, at least) - and educationally advanced country compared to some of the places [particularly Thailand] you mentioned - and thus one would EXPECT that we WOULD also be advanced [Conditions in Thailand are horrendous for women and children - so their justice system apparently ISN'T working TOO GOOD!!!!!] in terms of humane treatment, positive outcomes and "win-win" situations.

5. The U.S. was (not long ago) the "world leader" in regard to committing executions... and this might well still be the case!

BTW, I know myself pretty darn well...

I know what it is like to be the victim of a heineous crime and to be an advocate for those who have suffered from heineous crimes...

I am VERY consistent in my views, modifying them only when science and research teach me something new...

I did NOT (again) say "jail" was innappropriate... In fact, on this post I said jail was appropriate!

What I HAVE said is that (1) I personally disapprove (prior post) of the Arizona prison camp / reality show "sherriff"; (2) that it is a thin line between punishment and cruel/inhumane treatment and that cruel/inhumane treatment serves NO-ONE (over the long haul); and (3) that we need to find a better way to deal with non-violent addicts and violent offenders - preferably NOT throwing them into the same facilites --- or into inhumane situations that will likely make their tendencies (if they have them) to be anti-social and violent predators - worse.

Truly Skippy, when all is said and done, I'm a BIG advocate regarding PREVENTION and EARLY INTERVENTION.

If we do something about the radical social and economic injustice in this country, the radical educational gaps, the dysfunctional family issues...

I think the rest would fall into place - and there would be a lot less need for any type of jail or prison.

"Club Med?"


Decent jails. Decent prisons. Decent rehabilitation services / therapy. Decent employees working in such places. Decent work programs (What could really be better - 'tis just a thought - than having a violent offender produce flyers and such on peaceful resolution techniques, crime prevention, anger-management, etc.?)

Yeah (whether you think me an aging hippy or flower child or whatever...) I DO think that (the pseudo-recipe right above!) COULD (over the long haul) make a difference!

Decent dialouge, Skippy...

I guess we might just have to "agree to disagree."


People have been debating these issues long before you and I --- and folks will continue to do so!

Take care,


Anonymous said...


HAH! The peanut butter thing was funny! I could say the same about you drinking too much Kool-Aid with Jim Jones at Jonestown.

Let's agree to disagree.

By the way, did you use a lot of drugs, aging flower child? That would explain a lot, especially your vehement protest against authority, as well as your loose grip on reality.

It is no longer 1969! Woodstock is over, Arlo Guthrie has stopped playing, you can go home now.

If you have seen the atrocities and the brutal crimes which I have seen by ordinary people who were under the influence, you may not be so, "Hey, groovy, peace, love, and humane justice, dude!"

Albert Einstein once said - "Order is everything". I can't argue with someone as great as Einstein.

Mike Madsen said...

That's enough from you two. I can see this getting out of control and I'll have to excercize editing options if this goes further. Ha! Thanks for the spirited debate. Both of you.

Anonymous said...


I agree with you.

Which is why I tried to leave it at "let's agree to disagree."

Kept you entertained though, I bet!

Thanks for all you do,


Anonymous said...

You're right Mike:

Thank god sane people who "live in the now" like you are in charge rather than others who live in altered states of reality!