Saturday, January 24, 2009


So, some interesting opinions from Senator Kirsten Gillibrand. To many left wing extremists, the news that she was endorsed by the National Riffle Association will be a big surprise. That alone will send the disarmament community over the edge.

But what is sure to fluster the open borders pro-illegal alien lobby is her stance on illegal immigrant issues. She was endorsed by NumbersUSA which scares people who enter the US without any documentation.

According to her website, Gillibrand opposes a free pass to citizenship for illegal immigrants and co-sponsored the Secure America through Verification and Enforcement (SAVE) Act in 2007.

The SAVE Act aimed at reducing the inflow of undocumented immigrants by increasing border security and internal enforcement and complete the fence along the border. I'm liking her alot more already.

Although the SAVE Act failed to pass last year, I am impressed at her effort. The legislation requires that immigration policy should not undermine the critical contribution that immigrants make to our economy as workers, entrepreneurs, taxpayers and consumers as well as protecting the rights of legal immigrants who are already here. It failed anyway. Not enough holes in the legislation for corporate farms to abuse illegals for profit.

We are all descendent from Immigrant parents in some way and they will tell you of the long arduous process they went through at both shores. And when they succeeded legally, they were proud to be here. Just ask them.

Some people are demanding that Gillibrand must change her position on illegal immigration now that she is representing the whole state, including New York City, where immigrants are the backbone of the economy. Open borders advocates like to mix all immigrants with illegal-immigrants when ever possible. Fascinating use of words.

I say, welcome aboard Kirsten! Your opinion on this, on TARP and other issues provide a refreshing legislative record for us New Yorkers to ponder.


Anonymous said...

As a republican, i am heartened by this choice for US Senator.
She is not a wild-eyed lefty, by any means which is a nice change from the dems like Carolyn McCarthy or the Cuomos.
She has her priorities straight it seems, especially on immigration, which is an underlying silent problem in many areas of our great State's economical dilemmas like health care & education.
Kudos to Patterson for pulling a win out of his tush @ the last nano-second, cause he really blew this process with regard to the handling of Caroline Kennedy's attempt @ usurping this seat in the Senate.

A curse on all the Kennedy regime, they are all show & no blow as we used to say, a nasty family with more skeletons & hangups than most of our pathetic elected officials.

Harsh ??? maybe,, but ya cant really argue with the facts, now,,,, can ya ??

Good Luck to Senator Gillibrand, finally upstate NY has a voice!

Anonymous said...

Refreshing indeed. I dont think i heard anything about this in the press as this whole Paterson pick was going on. I have to wonder, did Paterson even know these details? I took him for a bleeding heart for illegals all along. Whats his take on this issue and did some of us have him pegged wrong on it?

Anonymous said...

Illegal Immigrants are literally swamping our jails, our judicial system, our schools, our hospitals, our healthcare clinics, our entry-level workforce and our welfare rolls... with dire results.
Because many of these illegals send as much as 75% of their illicitly earned "black-market" wages back to their "home" countries south and overseas, this wave of alien workers is strip-mining our economy.

Imre Beke, Jr. said...

The stance taken by Liberals on immigration issues is fundamentally irrational. As someone who is not only the child and grandchild of immigrants on both sides of my family but who also is married to an immigrant and whose children were born abroad, I find it unconscionable that some Americans want to throw our borders open with little or no controls.

American is not simply a nation of strangers, we are the world's first country which was built around the ideal of equals forming a community. A community is, in many ways, like an extended family. One does not join a family by forcing one's way in. One does not simply take up residence in a home where a family already lives by walking in the back door and lying down on the bed. One does not say to a family, "Your life is better than mine, so I am going to join you whether you like it or not."

If one attempts to do so, one can expect to be taken away in handcuffs.

As a nation, a community, a family we have the absolute right to establish standards by which we will "adopt" others into our national home. It is not unreasonable for us to say that we want people to prove themselves by adhering to our rules before being invited in or to demand that they learn our language and habituate themselves to our way of life before being granted citizenship. It is not capricious or unjust of us to say that we do not want the criminals and terrorists of other nations coming into this country and that, therefore, all must be subjected to strict background checks.

Neither immigration nor citizenship is a right. Both are gifts bestowed by those who built this nation and by their descendants. Taking a gift by force (intentionally flouting our laws to get what one wants is, in fact, a form of force) is nothing short of theft, in this case a theft of our national identity.

Moreover, those who come here illegally are slapping those of their own country in the face who are attempting to immigrate to the U.S. legally. Rewarding them while leaving those who respect our laws out in order to accomodate illegal trespassers from the same country strikes me as hypocritical and unjust in all regards.

I am in favor of a well structured guest worker program, with the emphasis on the word "guest," meaning it must have mechanisms in place to ensure that they return home at the end of their legal tenure, thereby allowing as many people as possible to experience the American way fo life on a rotating basis. Such mechanisms might include tax breaks for those who employ legal guest workers and much stricter penalties for those who employ illegals.

If we make it impossible for illegals to work here, they will not stay. We are already seeing many of them leaving in the wake of the economic downturn as their jobs, like those of many Americans, begin to dwindle.

Insofar as such a system is proven untenable, creating a falsely named guest worker program with a "path to citizenship," especially one which rewards illegals with a legalization of their status would be a travesty.

Those of us who support firm immigration controls are neither jingoistic nor isolationist. We simply realize the value of what we have in this country and wish to maintain its special nature by choosing those with whom it will be shared wisely and carefully.

Anonymous said...

Our borders have been thrown open by...dare I suggest, God. That's right. The creator of this land--even if his name is "Big Bang"-- and all others seemed to opt not to build a fence. It is the folks who now all of a sudden see the crisis, Lou Dobbs and his idiot friends of the right wing media, who are now kvetching about this, about like Hitler did with the Jews, to find a Scapegoat for troubles like major corporations oursourcing their work overseas so that the American worker is out of work.
How many were so kvetching when Neil Diamond came out with his pro-immigrant song in the 1980's??
But let's bring the issue right into Kingston. Remember when the Kirkland Hotel reopened? I do. I was there when all the bigshots made their self-congratulatory--and seemingly endless--- speeches. Not one word was uttered--not ONE WORD--on behalf of the folks who actually DID THE WORK to renovate that building. The euphemism at the time was "they're from out of town." Well the reality is Oaxaca is out of town alright--and over the border. That's the real issue and let's stop pretending here that it isn't!! Everyone was thanked from the architects to the workers but not a damn word about the workers. That was offensive to the spirit, to have all these folks calling themselves "Democrats" pull such a thing. These "Democrats"--and I use the word GUARDEDLY(in the days when my father ran the county party, there were actually decent people at that time who wouldn't think about overlooking the workers no matter where they were from-- instead of these frankly cutthroat dogs that populate and run the party)made it clear that day they were only interested in looking good for the cameras and not to rile anyone by mentioning those "out of towners"(yeah, rrrright)who were responsible for the building being restored.
I said it before. Gillibrand is milktoast. Oh yes, and she supports anti-terrorism. WhoopDeeDoozy. Of course she appeals to the right wing too. She appeals to any wing and would prove Abe Lincoln wrong when he said "You can't please all the people all the time", ie, if she could--and perhaps....she can. "Yes--perhaps she can!!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Mike, you hit a nerve with this one.
But what can we do locally. Kingston even Ulster County is a sanctuary for illegal everything, why would authorities bother to enforce immigration laws if they cant get it in their heads to stop speeders, pursue DWI's coming out of certain bars and keep our students safe outside campus?
If the Fed has dropped the ball on this, what makes us think KPD will bother? Check out some of the worst absentee landlords properties and you'll find potential "undocumented" Tennants with mile-long offence records. The taxpayers are fed up.

Anonymous said...

I Beke Jr.,

That was a very impressive notation on this subject.

Definite "food for thought (all around) here."

Thank You,


Anonymous said...


This is off the topic...

But since I don't know if you caught the Time Warner Channel Six coverage of the Kingston MuddyCup Inauguration party - or saw any of the photos yet - I thought I'd let you know that there is a homemade video-clip (along with a bunch of photos, if you scroll down) over on my blog at http://

Thanks again for stopping by! I know that was an incredibly busy night for you folks!


Anonymous said...

Hey Mike,
Thanks for keeping the blog up, even in the deep dead of winter.
It never ceases to amaze and entertain.
Take 11:17 for example with a "curse on the Kennedys" rant.
What a kind, classy, and Christian comment made by an anonymous Republican. How highly evolved is that???...smitty

Anonymous said...

Hey 6:05 am -

get a life !

a Christian ??? comment ????

for the hypocritical "christian" Kennedys ??? HAHAHAHAHA !!!!

killers, thieves,junkies, liars & phonies - the whlole lot of 'em.

Prove me wrong, you sanctimonious fool.

Reality is Reality - Deal with it !!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10;51 am
The pivotal word was "a curse".You really seem to fit that Ann Lander's quote: "Anger destroys the vessel it comes in more than who it is directed at".I have very nice life and Thank you for the concern...smitty

Anonymous said...

And now for some reality about the process...
The Governor's office evidently found troubling things about Caroline issues...a nanny...some kind of reason/reasons that appointing her would "look bad." I'm guessing what started to look bad was piling one more thing upon the Geithner and Daschle rather interesting tax issues. I'm guessing somehow the Obama Administration didn't want any more scandals to deal with.
What happened was that Kennedy was told she wouldn't be picked in advance, and then she pulled out to save face of some sort.
The main difference here is that Kirsten Gillibrand will not give a rat's behind about civil rights and the destruction thereof in recent years by both federal courts and the last administration, and she only knows one Constitutional Amendment(the second);while Caroline Kennedy would have. In that bargain between the "liars and thieves" and hypocritical "Christians", I'd go with the "liars, theives, and hypocritical Christians" ANY OLD DAY!!! Hah!!