Sunday, January 11, 2009


Manchester United and Chelsea went head-to-head this afternoon providing yet another chance for MU to clock Chelsea. That they did.

With a 3-0 win, the reigning champions seemed flawless as they prepare for their impending match with Liverpool next week.

Rooney achieved a terrific goal in the first half, but I was almost floored when Ronaldo shot the second score like a bullet through the blue legs of Chelsea.


Sure, it took 20 minutes before we saw the teams shuffle a bit, but hey it was worth the warm up. [Ronaldo pictured right]

The final shot by Berbatov sealed the deal as Chelsea struggled to keep face. It was only minutes before the final whistle, Berbatov finally slammed the killer goal as if goalie John Terry was off siping tea somewhere. Well done!

One thing I noticed was the lack of action by Chelsea's Michael Ballack. Did he sit on the bench the whole time? For someone who took the limelight in the World cup, he sure has been over shadowed by the younger crop.

[Berbatov pictured left]

Only days ago, Ronaldo almost changed todays lineup by totalling his Ferrari on the way to practice. The 23 year old walked away from this mess without a scratch.

How does a 23 year old get a Ferrari?


Anonymous said...

All too many professional sports players get paid way too much.
Give a "kid" a huge salary like this and the results can be fatal.

I guess he could have been training killer dogs like Michael Vick.

Anonymous said...

I dont know what to say. This is one sport that has never been popular here in the states. Professionally anyway.

I didn't see this game, but I am shocked that it would be an interest of a local blogger, never mind an Alderman. I thought is was a waste of time for Beckham to make the leap to Galaxy. It's a dead end. Or is it.

I know it's not pertinent to Kingston, but it was a nice surprise to see the home team your feature today.

Bollack sucks.

Anonymous said...

What, you dont watch American football?
Or are the uniforms too bulky?
I never took you for a soccer fan.

Tom said...

Great stuff....

It's good to see an international flavor featured on a Kingston blog. There's a big world out there and too often we don't take the time to peer over the fence of our own backyard.


Anonymous said...

Tom, I agree with your observation of the local mindset. There is plenty going on out there. But since we started the conversation with soccer, where can I watch rugby? There are no TV stations with Rugby as a focus? I miss it.