Monday, January 26, 2009


For those of us who frequent the night-life in New York City, or anywhere in New York State, for that matter, I give you a word of caution regarding your overnight stay.

A recent report on the standard of quality hotel accommodations reveals there is an infestation of Bed Bugs throughout the state. Mostly in Manhattan. It also emphasises that the hotel's star rating doesn't matter. Not the best news you've heard lately, but with today's economy , fewer of us are spending time in the city anyway.

What doesn't help, is the word is out in the tourism industry. What's worse...people know that the hotels and motels around Kingston are also afflicted with Bed Bugs.

The Hudson Valley region became infested about 5 or 6 years ago before gas prices skyrocketed and the disposable money was still being invested by way of New York tourists. Now, the little buggers are here to stay.

One type of business has thrived because of this uninvited guest. The pest control business. Homes and lodging facilities have picked up the pace for some of these services and one such business had to buy a special bug sniffing dog to keep up with the local cases. The dogs name is Sophie.

Pestmaster Services in Kingston purchased this Border Collie Mix back in 2002, and she can tell if a room is infested with bugs after only a few sniffs. I read that before becoming a pest detection dog, Sophie was adopted from a humane society shelter in Florida by Bill Whitstine, owner of the Florida Canine Academy.

You might think this is just a cute gimmick, but it turns out several U.S. pest control companies offer working dogs that are trained for locating bugs and mold. And to be sure, I looked up a professional accreditation association that was formed to make sure scent detection dog standards are upheld for such dogs.

Sophie has been on the job for five years locally.

In a recent article on Bed Bugs in the Poughkeepsie Journal, Andrew Evans, from the Dutchess Co. Dept. of Health, said people do alert him of bed bugs but he said there's no county data available on the scope of the pest problem.

According to the article, bed bugs are hard to spot because they are about the size of an apple seed, and they can flatten themselves completely, enabling them to hide in the smallest cracks and crevices, including electrical outlets. They are wingless blood-feeding parasites and found in both homes and commercial sites such as hotels, bed and breakfasts, college dormitories and hospitals.

The reason why a pest control business would invest in a dog is because of the sensitive sense of smell. Dogs are about 98 percent accurate compared with a human, who would be about 30 percent accurate through conventional means.

So, if you discover any odd welts on your children or acquire a strange rash out of nowhere, think about the possible feeding frenzy that happens while you sleep each night. Another report says you can actually feel the Bed Bugs on you, unlike fleas and ticks. So those freaky phantom tickles on your legs; may not be you imagination after all.


Anonymous said...

You know, I tune in once in a while to see whats happening politically in Kingston and New York State and what happens?
I am confronted with an article that makes me want to wash all of my sheets immediately! So much for getting a good nights sleep tonight.
Seriously, I never know what will be your topic daily. You crazy Sh*t!

Anonymous said...

I also hear that they have developed resistance to the chemicals commonly used by Pest Control Operators.
Here is the link...

Anonymous said...

This does wonders for the hotel industry.
What are we to expect as a result when we count the bed tax that the county has instituted. Will this provide an opportunity to raise taxes?
Bed Bugs drain tourism based economy...literally.

Anonymous said...

Bedbugs are spread when luggage, clothing, or bedding is taken from an infested area to a new place.
The bugs hide at first in the bedding of their new home, but can later move to the floors, walls, and other furniture. They are hard to get rid of because they can go over 100 days without a meal.
Thats what drives the Hotel industry mad.

Anonymous said...

Bed bugs are everywhere!

It's not just a NY problem either.

Everyone should learn how to identify bed bugs and to be alert for subtle signs of them (since many people do not react to bed bug bites).

Magda said...

I was bitten by bedbugs so ugly in Paris. I left from there with a bad taste without knowing what happen with my skin.
I came home and made some research on my own and found some info over Internet - i think they were very hungry, because they damaged all my skin - face, arms, legs.
If you Turn ON a light under the bed you may have a chance of not being eat by this ugly creature.

shredder said...

Bed bugs bites their so ewwwwww!! I have beaten one by bed bugs.This time I don't want it to happen again, cause their such a nightmare to me. Their itchy and irritating!

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