Friday, January 23, 2009


Congratulations to Kirsten Gillibrand! She has been chosen by our Governor, David Paterson to succeed Hillary Clinton as the Junior Senator for New York State.

I have no doubt that New York is in good hands, as both of Paterson's final two choices were tremendously qualified. Kisten is already in the nation's Capitol and quite familiar with the key players and the mechanisms that make the Senate function. So, the transition will be a non issue.

Andrew Cuomo is still our Attorney General and performs an impressive job in that capacity. Yes, I was leaning toward Andy, but for no other reason than having met him and knowing his political opinions better.

Now, Paterson will have to appoint a successor to Kirsten's seat in Congress. This will also become a more localised state wide concern rather than national since the seat represents a smaller portion on New York.

There will be no fewer candidates petitioning the Gov for this Congressional spot than the Senate seat, just a different lot to chose from. If I head upstate and get an apartment in that district, should I throw my hat in the ring and ask the Governor for an interview?

All joking aside, I have to offer my sincere congratulations to Kirsten Gillibrand on the Paterson choice, and the job well done for New York State so far.
May the task at hand fixing the state and national economy be your number one priority. Continue the great causes that Hillary left unfinished and help muster public support for Schumer's long term plan for rail service on the west side of the Hudson.


Anonymous said...

The Ulster County Democratic Women and similar groups across the state urged Governor Paterson to chose a qualified person to replace Secretary Clinton. If that short list included a woman, we asked that she be the preferred choice to emulate the needed gender balance in government.
I have a suspicion that our efforts had an impact on the Governors choice in Kirsten and I am proud to have participated in that effort.

Women in Ulster County, who are interested in steering legislation that affects us all, are urged to join the UCDW and participate. Never forget that a small group of people can have an impact on the quality of life for all of us.

Thanks for the post Mike. She'll do just fine.

Anonymous said...

She is certainly not a Progressive. She markets herself as pro-NRA and If I am not mistaken, was part of the Blue-Dog caucus which is a group of Conservative Democrats in the House. I am not sure how this will play when she has to run state wide. She may even face a challenge in the Democrat primary by someone from the more Liberal wing of the party.

Forgetaboutit said...

If 9:54 is convinced that UCDC had something to do with the appointment and they are so proud of the choice for Senate why is the comment signed "anonymous". Please give me a break.

Anonymous said...

Go for it Mike- $700/00 a month for an apartment and you can become a colleague of Mighty MO- I am sure of your welcome in DC- but seriously- look as the upstate region as a win win situation with Gillibrand- She will be a positive influence for our area- Working with the new Business Manager for Kingston- just imagine- new store front business' that will be successful- Also in this area, be aware that Arnaldo Schewert Director of the NYS SBDC had meetings with the mayor back in Sept 2005 to discuss minority lending opportunities as well as programs designed to make them successful-
take care,
Shelly Z

Anonymous said...

She will do just fine. I was worried that Cuomo might get it just because of the threat to the Governors seat. If Paterson had picked him, it would have looked like a move to eliminate the competition in 2010. Now Paterson demonstrates that he is proud enough to stand up to any challengers. Good for him.
Besides, Cuomo isnt doing a bad job as AG, perhaps he'll stay.

Anonymous said...

Enh--she is a milktoast blonde replacing another milktoast blonde. Big friggin' deal! She will do absolutely nothing to repair the destruction of the Constitution, as her predecessor was so uninterested in doing,and as Hinchey remains uninterested in doing. It's great to have experience but the question is always, experience in WHAT? "Change has come."
Yeah, right...